Ventura County Handcrafted Etsy Street Team March 2012 New Listings

Who can join?

Ventura County Handcrafted Etsy Street Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Sellers who
• reside in Ventura County, California
• want to interact with fellow sellers
• want to attend craft nights and fairs
• are fun, friendly, and outgoing
• want to be part of a TEAM

Members who
• reside in Ventura County, California
• are crafty and creative
• are interested in being a seller
• are fun , friendly, and outgoing


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Original Post


Feelin' a little lonely around here ;)

Any other new stuff from you lovely teammies?

Posted at 5:41pm Mar 16, 2012 EDT

Lauren- I love your little necklaces. They are darling and what a great idea!
I too added some pendants from my photographs. Here is a Ventura Sunset:

Posted at 2:56pm Mar 24, 2012 EDT

I just can't get enough of garden photography right now. Tjis one is a butterfly on a lavender lilac flower at Descanso Gardens in La Canada:

Posted at 2:59pm Mar 24, 2012 EDT

Recently took a trip up north to see our kids and grandkids. Took this one on the 17 mile drive between Monterey and Carmel-my favorite! Then I modified it in photoshop to add a little abalone cut-out sun on the horizon. California is so gorgeous!

Posted at 3:01pm Mar 24, 2012 EDT

And then my final passion has been photographing jellies. This one is a purple striped jelly:

Posted at 3:04pm Mar 24, 2012 EDT

Beautiful photos Caren! Loving the magestic!

Posted at 1:12pm Mar 25, 2012 EDT