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Original Post

Has anyone been approached by anyone at UCSD's Sun God Festival?
If so, be prepared! They are ridiculous.

They approached me via Etsy, the marketplace for all things handmade by artists (not gigantic corporations).

The show has live music, 20,000 + students, this year it's in REMAC arena, and tickets are $25.00 per person. Live music, vendors and food to occur on Friday, 5/18, 2pm-midnight.

They require insurance of $2 Million in General Liability and accept no other arrangements no matter if you are a food vendor or small artisan. . AND Workman's Compensation (even if you have zero employees) AND commercial auto insurance on top of your existing auto insurance for your private car. That runs about $1200. in insurance (using their company in Pennsylvania) for 10 hours of selling necklaces. Then, booth rent of $400 of a 10x10. Then $250.00 for cleaning deposit. Then they don't guarantee you a space after all of this.

It's rude. Unfair. Delusional. And unbelievable. Be warned fellow local artisans and hopefully, if you do this show, count how many bored Cricket Wireless vendors there are and get back to me!

Sticking to San Diego's wineries, street fairs and gardens, where they love us unique handmade artists! Cheers!

Posted at 1:08 am Apr 12, 2012 EDT


Thank you for sharing this information! They must be catering to retail vendors, handcrafted artisans can't cover any of that or as you said they are delusional.

Posted at 1:01 pm Apr 15, 2012 EDT

I heard back from them!! I was so furious I had to respond to them and their committee insists they want a "diverse group of artisans". They'll end up with bored Cricket Wireless dudes or some other corporations that sell $9.00 water bottles! Oh, wait, those weren't allowed either because the show is supposedly "Green". ugh.

Posted at 7:41 pm Apr 15, 2012 EDT

Ha! that festival must be soooo boring! Anything there most likely will be also found online cheaper.. Silly people they are.

Posted at 1:32 pm May 9, 2012 EDT

I was contacted too. When I saw the requirements it made me laugh so hard.

Posted at 8:47 am May 31, 2012 EDT

Janeane Wilbur from ArtByJaneane says
Edited on Jun 4, 2012

LOL. That crowd is not going to appreciate those types of vendors so much. Seems short-sighted.

Posted at 10:25 pm Jun 4, 2012 EDT

Thanks for sharing!

Posted at 3:13 pm Jun 7, 2012 EDT

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