Etsy Artisans of San Diego County Members

Who can join?

Etsy Artisans of San Diego County is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Main requirements for this team are:
1) Positive, supportive attitude, be nice, have fun.
2) Own an Etsy shop that offers Handmade items and/or Designs
3) Reside in San Diego County and have your shop account set to San Diego or other city within county.
4) Active support and participation in Team thread. We also try to regularly update our Facebook page to promote team as a whole.
Rather than opening new discussions most topics can be discussed as a group in the monthly discussion thread open at the beginning of every month. This will make our team run more smoothly. We have a monthly discussion thread (share your events, ask for advice, chat, share your spamming please participate). Please do not open a discussion solely to promote your shop, one business.

5)Please try to maintain a minimum of 10 items available for purchase in your Etsy shop


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