CREST Artisans Marketing Oppty at Eastern Market SWEETGREEN

Who can join?

CREST Artisans is a moderated team with the following requirements:

You must be a Seller (with an ETSY SHOP) located in The WDC metro area (30-40 miles radius). We are a team of not only creative takers but also creative givers so share, share, share your ideas, learning experiences, etc..

You must provide us with the Application information below before we can approve you.

There are 2 things that the team requires from you if you join so that we can keep an active membership:

- MUST ATTEND at least 2 meetings
- must be an active participating member on our FB Page or Team Activities (i.e., participate in team meetings, shows, sharing of ideas, comment and give advice to members)

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Original Post

Marketing and Collaborative OPPTY for CRESTArtisans

Hi everyone! :) I received a marketing collaborative request from SWEETGREEN and am working with the Marketing Director there to come up with our first DIY Demo for their restaurant at Eastern Market. They are requesting from our CRESTArtisan team to submit artists who are interested in participating. So please submit your DEMO and or marketing idea to me at CRITERIA includes:

1. your name;
2. etsy shop url;
3. bio (here's a chance to tell your story);
4. what handmade diy demo you want to show (here's a chance to show off your unique style and process);
5. photo 1 -3 with your featured product (1-3 products you want to show)

Reviews will be juried by SWEETGREEN and ETSY :) So if you are looking for exposure and want to feature yourself as an artist and entrepreneur.

Posted at 11:13am May 25, 2012 EDT