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Original Post

Hey, can someone tell me what I'm supposed to charge for sales tax, if any, per Indiana law? Thanks!

Posted at 10:03am Mar 16, 2012 EDT


We've got a section on the proboards with tons of info:

Guide to starting a small business in Indiana:

And here is Indiana's New and Small Business Education Center:

And this is where you'll register to collect:

Hope that helps!

Posted at 3:18pm Mar 16, 2012 EDT

I have a question about tax. After our first year we decided to buck up and make the buyer pay the sales tax online (at shows we will still cover the tax). I was worried that if I applied the tax here on Etsy AND on Paypal that it would double tax Indiana residents. So since all orders go through Paypal, I took the tax off here on Etsy.

We recieved an order from our website and the 7% tax worked through Paypal. But this week we got an Indiana order on Etsy (paid through Paypal) and it appears that Paypal didn't apply the tax. So I presume that Paypal doesn't apply tax to orders through Etsy??

Just don't want to double tax anyone.

Posted at 6:51pm Mar 16, 2012 EDT

Etsy's shopping cart will override any of your Paypal tax settings (there is a way to change that somewhere in your Paypal settings but it's complicated) So yes, you'll want to set it up here on Etsy and your buyers won't be charged twice - at least mine never have been...

Posted at 11:24pm Mar 16, 2012 EDT

Thanks Megan, it's a bit confusing!

Posted at 10:07am Mar 19, 2012 EDT