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Who can join?

INCrowdteam is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Interested in joining us? Please read the following before applying!!

All membership requests are reviewed on a weekly basis (team admin are human and have shops as well, please be patient during busy seasons).

Please complete the following steps and answer these questions when applying.

- Sign up for the team newsletter at New applications will not be approved until this step has been completed. It's the best method for keeping in touch with all our members! We promise not to send more than two group emails per month.

- Are you a resident of the state of Indiana? If your location is not listed on your profile, please include your Zipcode.

- Do you have a shop on Etsy? If you have more than one shop you may apply for each shop separately.

- Are you willing to check in at least quarterly? Our membership roster will be audited on a monthly basis beginning in January 2013. Any shop that has not checked into a monthly roll call thread at least once in the three previous months will be removed from the team (members removed for failing to check in may reapply at any time). The current monthly roll call thread will be pinned to the top of the team discussion page here:

- Abide by the Golden Rule! Treat all Team Members as you wish to be treated!

Please let us know if you have any questions - we'll do our best to assist!

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