Kansas Etsy Team Social Thread - Tell us about what is going on.

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Kansas Etsy Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

We are looking for members wishing to take an active role in promoting Etsy sellers from Kansas. To be a member of the Kansas Etsy Team you must:

1. Live in and list your shop location as AnyTown, Kansas.
2. Have an active shop with at least 4 items listed for sale at all times..
3. Be willing to participate regularly in team activities. Regular participation is considered to be at least once per month. Means of participation may include at least one of the following:
Post to the team discussion threads on Etsy.
Comment on the team blog.
Comment on the team Facebook page.
Create a treasury with a minimum of 50% KET members.
Enter team challenges, giveaways or other promotional activities.
The team captain will accept or decline applications
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Original Post

We have threads for treasuries, blog posts, consignment locations, contacts, etc....

But no where to let everyone know what is going on in one place. I'm starting this thread to give us a place to basically "chat" and let everyone know what's going on.

Let the rest of us know when you make a sale, have a good show or just what is going on in your life.

Posted at 1:15pm Feb 8, 2011 EST


Last night I participated in my first BNR and saw a few of you there while I was in. I was amazed at the speed that I made a sale (I was on the board for five minutes tops) and the fact the item they purchased was one I didn't have an individual listing for. It was included in a grouping photo that I used as a place filler with the intention to list all the items when I got my inventory up.

So I'm sprinkling so Sales Fairy Dust and hoping the Kansas wind blows it all your way.

Posted at 1:18pm Feb 8, 2011 EST

As long as the Kansas wind is NOT blowing snow I will be happy! (so far, so good)

I photographed and listed 6 new clocks this morning @ 8MileCreekDesigns! Contacted Avery at Kansas Originals and have been trying to clean my house....

What I really want to do today is sit at my loom (by the fireplace) and finish the cloth that I am weaving. I plan to make two shawls, one for my mom for Valentine's and the other to list.

How does a BNR work? In all the year I have been on Etsy I have never tryed it.

Posted at 1:38pm Feb 8, 2011 EST

It was a trial by fire for me. I know Crimson Hill was in too.

They put a group together through a treasury. You can go look through any shops you are interested in. You can purchase anythign from those stores you are not limited to the item shown in the treasury. If you find something you want, you follow the rules set up by the organizers and state that you want to buy from that store. They approve the purchase (meaning no one else has a purchase pending) and you complete the purchase. You then post the transaction number. Once you post the transaction number they choose something in your shop to take the place of the item that provided the listing to the shop that you purchased from. The process repeats itself. You Buy and they Replace the spot with one of your items.

The fun thing is last nights was moving very quickly. This thing went from 800 views when I bought to 1000 view by the time I was replaced. My store was listed for all of five minutes max.

I'm with you in wanting to sit by the fire. They finally closed the university that I work for at noon but my boss is coming in for a 1:45 meeting and needs someone to watch his son. So I'm stuck here for a bit yet.

Posted at 1:53pm Feb 8, 2011 EST

oh sitting by the fire sounds nice! I've been busy listing new flower hair clips/combs. With no school is a blessing and a curse, three kids at home instead of two, so I have to referee more than usual.. oh well, two of the three are outside playing in the snow right now. I love it when they go outside. :)

Posted at 2:09pm Feb 8, 2011 EST

Wait until they get older the refereeing doesn't end. I almost want to say it gets worse. :)

Posted at 2:32pm Feb 8, 2011 EST

there are back inside now, with blankets and watching tv. Hopefully the snow wore them out. One more headband to get listed. Then start all over again making new items.

Posted at 2:53pm Feb 8, 2011 EST

At least you have it down to a system. I haven't been able to get there yet. Everytime I think I am someone needs something else and it puts everything out of kilter.

Good luck :) - I've been busy making my seventeen year-old upset.

Posted at 2:55pm Feb 8, 2011 EST

GrapeVine - What university do you work for?

Leah - I know how it is with three kids in the house! We homeschool, 4th & 1st grades, so there is rarely a time when my house is empty of the boys. My three year old has been content playing with his cowboys and horses!

~PS the KS winds are now blowing snow! I just came in from hauling more wood in. Hope I brought in enough to last through the night.

Posted at 3:18pm Feb 8, 2011 EST

LOL! I'm trying to figure out if it is still snowing or just blowing the snow that is already on the ground?

I grew up in North Dakota where we went outside everyday for recess, no matter how cold. My friend just reminded me that we use to make snow forts at school (our playground was grass with no fence around it) Well, one day our horrible fourth grade teacher broke down our fort! She busted right threw it. LOL! I just can't imagine a teacher doing that now adays! Well, that or drink cough sryup (vodka) during school hours!

Posted at 3:19pm Feb 8, 2011 EST

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