Handmade Louisiana Etsy 20 Fast Facebook LIKES!

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Handmade Louisiana Etsy is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Anyone who is currently residing in Louisiana (and surrounding areas), or who is from La and has since moved away may join. Members not currently residing in La must provide Team Captain with their connection to the state (family moved, born and raised, hurricane displacement, military, etc). All shops will be considered including vintage and supplies.

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Original Post

****PLEASE READ******

First 20 people to respond...

Only play if you're willing to "like" 19 other people on Facebook!

List your facebook page below. Like everyone's page above you. Check back and like everyone below you. I will close it once we have about ten folks in! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure to "like" each business page from your personal page!

Some people from the other threads are stating that they aren't getting all of their likes. Return the favor! Keep checking back to add others who add their facebook pages after you!

Another good idea is to say a quick hello after you've liked the page to let each person know that you've been there!

Posted at 12:10am Mar 5, 2012 EST



Thanks in advance! My facebook page needs some traffic :)

Posted at 4:27pm Apr 19, 2012 EDT

If you want to increase traffic to your fan page, you need to communicate more with other pages and have them comment on yours. Even if 2000 people like your page, FB might send your posts out to less that 50 of those. When you interact with others and they interact with you, then FB sees you as more interesting and will send your posts out to a few more people. Watch your insights and see for yourself! That's why we were doing the Shop of the Day promotions! Sure we all posted on our pages about the Shop of the Day, but several people followed the suggestions to comment on their team members' posts. Then their team members came to their page and commented. We easily tripled the number of peole that FB sent our intial posts to. And our "reach," the number of people actually exposed to our comments through our page and our team members' pages, increased considerably! Although we also added some Likes in the process, the main advantage was increasing our Reach. If you comment on the Handmade Louisiana page periodicallly, we will come over to your page and comment there for you, too. Exposure on the team page is mutually beneficial.
BTW, I'm facebook.com/hurricane.pottery Thanks

Posted at 2:40pm Apr 21, 2012 EDT

If you tag our team page (@handmade Louisiana) assuming you have already liked it, then your post will also show up on our Team page. Extra exposure!

Posted at 2:43pm Apr 21, 2012 EDT