Etsy West Michigan Members

Who can join?

Etsy West Michigan is a moderated team with the following requirements:

We have only a few requirements for this team:

- You must reside in the area bordered by Lake Michigan on the west, the Indiana border to the south, US 127 to the east and US 10 to the North

- Please tag at least 6 of the items in your shop with our team tag, “etsywmi team”. When you use this tag in your listings it helps us to find your shop and items to include in team treasuries and on the blog.

- You must be 18 years of age and abide by Etsy's Terms of Use.

- Some kind of involvement with the team is required. As mentioned in "About This Team" there are a variety of ways to participate.

We are asking that you answer a few questions when joining. If you miss one, you will not be accepted. Etsy sends an automated message when this happens and unfortunately, I think THEY word it as being rejected. If this happens, it means you either didn't answer all the questions or you don't meet one of the requirements. If this happens, feel free to apply again.

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