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Original Post

anyone have info on any local markets going on this year? I really want to try to get out with my jewelry and see what i can do! So far all I have planned is the flea market in St.Regis memorial day weekend and the local farmers market in Ronan.

Posted at 10:28 am Feb 5, 2012 EST


Littlebird's Schoolhouse in Seeley Lake, MT has good Sunday markets.

Posted at 5:37 pm Apr 7, 2012 EDT

What about the Montana Folk Festival? they have extended there deadline forvenders.

Posted at 8:35 pm Apr 7, 2012 EDT

Quincy from kittnen says

I plan on doing the Bozeman Saturday Farmer's Market this summer. I may try the Great Falls Farmers Market as well, my folks like to sell their herbs there and I might set up a few things one weekend. I've never traveled before for a show, I'm still pretty new to this.

Posted at 10:27 pm Apr 9, 2012 EDT

I've helped my mom before but never set up myself.

Posted at 2:54 pm Apr 10, 2012 EDT

gonna try the Polson farmer's market..also a craft fair at the people's center in Pablo May 4th and 5th if any locals are interested

Posted at 1:19 am Apr 11, 2012 EDT

Quincy from kittnen says

So there's a slight chance I might be moving to Great Falls before the summer. Has anyone sold at the Great Falls Farmers Market before? How well do crafts typically sell there? I know it's a huge market, but it's also mostly produce and food.

Posted at 9:58 pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

I will be doing the Under the Big Sky Festival on June 16, 17 at the Fairgrounds in Missoula. It is usually a pretty good quality show. This is my first time as a vendor, although I have gone to it as a consumer.

Posted at 10:27 am May 4, 2012 EDT

I bet there's still booths available for the Rocky Mountain Gift Show here in Great Falls next Saturday (May 12). I'll be there. I'm just about burnt out on shows for now though - 3 in 4 weeks is about 1 too many. Will be glad to be done with this one coming up Re the farmer's market here - it's pretty full, but you just have to show up early on Saturday and the fella who runs it will generally find you a place. From other vendors of crafty stuff that I have talked to, it takes a good long time before people warm up to you. One gal said she went every Saturday all summer, but didn't sell a thing until August. Ugh. I'm not getting up that early every Saturday and freezing my tush off before the sun warms things up just to get snubbed by my own neighbors. On the other hand, if you sell food, you should do well.

Posted at 11:21 am May 4, 2012 EDT

Quincy from kittnen says

Darn, I'm for sure moving now and I'll probably be packing up next Saturday. I don't know that going every week with out selling things would be worth it, but I do know the vendor fee is waaaayyyyyyy cheaper than Bozeman. I made a downpayment on a permanent spot before I knew I would be moving, and it's still $25 every Saturday even with the downpayment. My dad told me last year when my folks sold their herbs at a tiny table there, it was only $5.

Posted at 10:07 pm May 5, 2012 EDT

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