New Mexy Etsy New Listings, Promos, Non BNR Treasuries.

Who can join?

New Mexy Etsy is a moderated team with the following requirements:

New Mexy Etsy Team Membership Requirements

1 Email List.
The team email list is hosted via MailChimp. All members must provide a valid email address upon sign-up for this group.

2. Membership Dues.
As of now there are no membership dues. We want to give everyone who wishes to participate in New Mexy the opportunity to do so, without financial hardships. At the current time we do not anticipate the team requiring funds to operate, but this may change in the future and you will certainly be notified within a reasonable amount time of any changes.

3. Participation Requirement
Everyone is required to participate 1 time every 6 months (1 time during Jan-June, 1 time during July-Dec). There is a Participation Requirement table listed under the “database” link when you sign in to the team Yahoo! Group page. When you’ve done your requirement, just add your info to the table.

Why have a participation requirement?
• To foster participation within the group
• To share some of the work across the team, rather than just a few doing most of the work
• To discourage those who want to join just for the sake of joining a team and have no intentions of ever actually participating

How often do I need to meet the requirement, and how do I do it?
The requirement must be met every 6 months, for a total of 2 times a year. There are several ways to fulfill your participation requirement including:
• Post to team blog (please don’t just do self promos!),
• Submit article to Etsy or other sites about the team
• Complete a team challenge (occur monthly)
• Create a team treasury (search tag New Mexy)
• Create a team promo item (for a team website/blog or for team members use)
• Participate in special team activities (such as a team sale)
• Organize a team Meet Up (in response to Etsy Meetup calls or independently)
• Volunteer for team management/tasks

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Relisted just now:

Thanks for looking...the love we show always comes back to us!

Posted at 3:21 pm Apr 5, 2012 EDT

A city with New Mexican sensibilities:
Friday -- Let's Go to Rio
Love it all you want!!!

Posted at 3:18 pm Apr 6, 2012 EDT

Thanks for adding me as a new member. As a way to get to know team members and their work and share it, I've started a board on Pinterest.
It already has 104 followers! If you are a Pinterest user, please follow along,too. Thanks!

Posted at 12:29 pm Apr 7, 2012 EDT

Saturday Game Treasury
Saturday -- On Deck -- Salt Spray in Your Hair -- Heaven
Enjoy...comment, show love! Thanks...

Posted at 1:26 pm Apr 7, 2012 EDT
Please view, comment, and fav those items you "love"

Posted at 7:22 pm Apr 9, 2012 EDT

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