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Original Post

Lauren Darby from OriginalsbyLauren says
Edited on Jun 11, 2012

Sue mentioned at the meeting that we need someone to take care of our team blog, our facebook page, and our twitter account.

Since most of you weren't there, I wanted to pass this information along.

We would like one or more people for each page, not one to do everything.

If you think you might want to blog but don't want to have sole responsibility, post here and maybe someone else is thinking the same thing and would like to share the job.

Same with fb and twitter.

Sue is the team captain and I help out some, but we are a large team and would appreciate anyone that could give a little bit of time each month.

In the long run, it benefits us all.

You can either post here if interested or have questions, or contact Sue of I through convo. Sue has all the information and passwords.


Posted at 12:13pm Jun 11, 2012 EDT


Hi-- I volunteered before- I can help with the blog

Posted at 6:03pm Jun 12, 2012 EDT

Unfortunately, I can't commit right now (I can barely get to my own fb page!) and I'm sure everyone already knows this but, to make it easier on whoever, an option would be to link the twitter account to the facebook account. That way, any status updates from facebook automatically get tweeted. I'm definitely going to be looking to "give back" and volunteer once my kids are in school and I have more time on my hands. I love this team :)

Posted at 11:15am Jun 13, 2012 EDT

Homespun, I think you talked to Sue already. If not, let me know. Thank you very much!

Posted at 10:09pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT

Yes, Sue contacted me. I am ready to start any time.

Posted at 10:40am Jun 14, 2012 EDT

great, thanks so much for volunteering

Posted at 11:44am Jun 14, 2012 EDT

Christina Lackey from luckyenoughdesigns says
Edited on Jun 14, 2012

I am an English person and had some success with SEO and such blogging about real estate a while back, so I'd be willing to help Homespun out sometimes. The only thing is that I know I'm brand new, so I have not had the time to look at our blog or anything yet and I'm not sure how my voice might fit. Let me know what you think!

Posted at 3:43pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT

Just let me know when/how I can help!

Posted at 9:21pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT

Christina- I convo'd you.

Posted at 9:00pm Jun 15, 2012 EDT