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We're a large group of loyal and community oriented people that take pride in remaining positive and ethical minded when it comes to selling, buying and supporting local.

We encourage like-minded and supportive fellow artists, designers, crafters, and DIYers in and around* the Asheville area to join Us.

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(* Within a 30 mile radius of Asheville, NC)


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Original Post

Does anyone have any of their art and craft items on consignment at any stores in the Asheveille area? If so, what is the percentage you are receiving?

Posted at 6:22pm Feb 24, 2012 EST


Hello Linda,

I currently have items at The DryGoods Shop in west AVL. The consignment is 60/40 which is standard by my experience. I have goods in a shop in Oregon and it's the same with them as well.

Hope this helps and others chime in with their two cents!

- Shannon

Posted at 6:57am Feb 27, 2012 EST

Thanks for the information.

I have some of my quilted cards at Mountain Made in The Grove Arcade and they do 50/50 (at least that's what I get). That's why I was wondering. I sell a lot there. I also was thinking of expanding.

Posted at 11:00am Feb 27, 2012 EST

Hi Linda, and Shannon!
I have some items at Locally Grown in the Farmers Market - 60/40 firm.
Also a cute little gift shop in Weaverville, Stacies, represents only local creators and they have the best deal at 70/30.
I would love to have my Raige in some other places too, so would love to hear where else people have things.

Shannon, how does one approach the DryGoods shop? Wonder if they might be interested in some Raige. :)

And Linda, what kind of things do they sell at Mountain Made? If you sell a lot there then the 50/50 may not be so bad, right? That is typically what art galleries charge for consignment, so not uncommon. I do the 60/40 is more typical for artisans and crafters.

Posted at 1:19pm Feb 27, 2012 EST

They sell my mountain landscape quilted fabric postcards. They sell them for $15 and $20, the same amount I charge in my Etsy shop. January was a little slow but Oct, Nov, and Dec were really good.

Where is the Dry Goods shop? I might check that out also.

Do you sell much at Locally Grown?

Posted at 5:52pm Feb 28, 2012 EST

I haven't sold anything YET at Locally Grown. She had some Cool Weather Gear (texting gloves and neck warmers) and they are slow movers anyways.
I just took her some Toekini's and Easter Egg Cozies, so we will see how this month goes.

Stacies sells rather regularly, and they did sell some winter gear this year. They sell my Toekini's pretty good.

I will have to check out Mountain Made to see you things! They sound nice.

Posted at 9:37pm Feb 28, 2012 EST

Hi there,

Wow, lots of cool information here - thanks!

Rebecca, The DryGoods Shop is located at: 474 Haywood Road (west Asheville.) Personally, I would drop by with some of your goods and speak with LeighAnne. It also has a great work space. Quite a few Sisters in Stitches meet-ups are held there. Have you checked that out too? If interested Google the Meet-up Group and join... great way to meet some of your fellow Team Members. :)

Hope this helps,

Posted at 8:38am Feb 29, 2012 EST

Meant to add, Rebecca - you crochet too! I need another crochet sister at the Meet-ups or in general. You two should join SnS.


Posted at 8:41am Feb 29, 2012 EST

thank you Shannon!
the Meet-up group sounds fun!
I just searched bing for the address and the meet-up came up.
checking it out now.

Posted at 7:19am Mar 1, 2012 EST

Thanks for the information, Rebecca and Shannon. I just applied to the Sisters in Stitches. I would love to have some friends who sew.

I think I'll check out the DryGoods Shop. West Asheville is where I grew up.

Posted at 7:40am Mar 2, 2012 EST

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