Handmade Dayton A HD opportunity to "take over" Peace on Fifth the last weekend in June!

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Original Post

A message from London Coe:

I hope your schoo year went well and your break, whether for a week or for the summer, is a break. I would like to offer Peace on Fifth as a Handmade Dayton spot for the final weekend in June. We would set up the store Friday June 29- Saturday June 30 with Handmade Dayton products. If one day is better, then one day is fine. Please let me know if you would like to do this and if you have any questions.

London sent this to me and I, unfortunately, will be out of town that weekend. Is anyone interested in organizing it? I can put you in contact with London Coe.

Posted at 1:19pm May 9, 2012 EDT


Thanks for passing this on - I live just around the corner from Peace on Fifth and would love to be a part of this.

Posted at 9:45pm May 9, 2012 EDT

I was wondering if anything was happening with this. I certainly wouldn't be able to be an organizer, between daughter's graduation/leaving for Africa, vacation schedule, limited electronic skills, and helping coordinate a Haiti benefit fundraiser that Sunday, but I might be interested in participating, especially if it is only one day, or if I could be there limited hours for at least one of the days to set up Sunday's fundraiser.

Posted at 7:52am May 16, 2012 EDT

HI Christine -

I haven't heard anything else about this. I might try to contact Peace on Fifth this week to see what they have in mind. I'll let you know if I find any new info.


Posted at 9:49am May 16, 2012 EDT

Thanks Heidi, I miss you!!

Posted at 9:26pm May 16, 2012 EDT

I spoke to London and she said yes she would be willing to let us use her store for a day if there is an interest. I invited her to speak for a few at our next meeting. Her store is really nice and I think it's a great opportunity.

Posted at 8:32am May 17, 2012 EDT

I have never organized an event, but if someone was willing to help, I think this would be a great idea and event!

Posted at 8:55am May 17, 2012 EDT

gogoji from gogoji says

I would like to vend. I love that store!!

Posted at 11:04pm May 20, 2012 EDT

Has anything happened with this? Is anyone vending? Is the date just wrong? Maybe we could get another date. I'd be willing to organize something if the date were right.

Posted at 5:18am Jun 9, 2012 EDT

London is very interested and she is awesome although no one has stepped up to head it up!

I do not have time until after fashion week and trying to open a store to take anything else on.

Posted at 10:10am Jun 9, 2012 EDT