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Who can join?

Arts in RI is a moderated team with the following requirements:

<<Members must live or work in Rhode Island, and will be juried in. All members must agree to abide by the Code of Conduct, below.>>

Please contact our Membership Gurus, Pam Laurenzo and/or HeatherJeany, to apply to our team.

Arts in RI -- Code of Conduct

Members of this team are expected to maintain high standards of behavior, morals, and craftsmanship/art. All members of Arts in RI must agree to abide by the following minimum standards of conduct:

1) Members must act fairly, honestly, respectfully, and with integrity towards themselves, other members, and people outside of the Arts in RI team.

2) Members must respect the intellectual property of fellow artisans, both within and outside of Arts in RI, and honor copyrights and trademarks.

3) Members are expected to produce work based on their own, original ideas. Inspiration may come from other artisans. However, any work created by Arts in RI members must be sufficiently unique. Even if a fellow artisan’s work is not protected by copyright or trademark, copying or minor alteration of a design, pattern, or idea is not acceptable.

4) Members may not plagiarize, libel, or slander. This applies to member and Arts in RI shops, blogs, websites, press releases, news stories, flyers, promotional materials, etc.

5) Members are representatives of the Arts in RI group as a whole and are therefore expected to act professionally towards those outside of the group. Members must be professional and respectful in public online forums, chat rooms, at shows, at events, and in any other professional settings.

6) Members must abide by all Federal, State, and Local laws pertaining to business practices, sales, and taxes.

7) Personal information provided to the group - such as email address, telephone number, home address, or website address - may not be disseminated, provided to
anyone outside of the group, made public, or used for any personal or financial gain.

8) Funds in the Arts in RI treasury may only be used for purposes which the team has agreed upon and may not be used to benefit one or a select few members. Information on any activities relating to collection or use of these funds must be available to any and all group members.

9) Members must pay full dues quarterly, due on the 15th of January, April, July, and October. Dues amount will be made clear to all members, and will not be changed without consent of the group.

10) Members must actively participate (at least once a month) in the online forum of the Arts in RI Ning site.

11) Members must actively attend monthly meetings (at least four per year).

12) Complaints will be investigated thoroughly, confidentially, and open-mindedly by the three members elected to the Ethics Committee for any given calendar year. Members are expected to cooperate fully with the committee.

13) Should it be found that any member violates this code of conduct, the Ethics Committee will present their findings to the group as a whole. At this time the member(s) in question will have an opportunity to present their opinions,
thoughts, or defense. A vote will be taken to determine if the member is not in violation, if a warning should be issued, or if the member should be expelled from Arts in RI. The team as a whole will abide by the majority vote.

14) If a member leaves Arts in RI for any reason, by choice or by team decision, they shall surrender and/or cease using any team materials, including the Arts in RI logo, team tag, postcards, digital files, etc. Also, any reference to membership in Arts in RI must be removed from websites, shops, marketing materials, business cards, correspondence, advertising, etc.

This Code of Conduct is meant to present minimum standards expected of Arts in RI members. It is expected that this Code will be revised and refined as the team
progresses. No changes to this code will be made without opportunity for comment and approval from team members. If issues arise that are not covered by this code, they will be investigated by the Ethics Committee and presented to the team for deliberation.

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