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Original Post

I'm sure many of you have read about the new Etsy guidelines on 'handmade' items. How do you feel about these new guidelines? They are coming after the holidays sometime early in 2014.

1. Hire staff. Etsy sellers are now allowed to hire help in creating the items that they sell and those employees can live anywhere. Previously sellers could have their shops shut down if they had help from people in other parts of the county or world.

2. Use shipping services. Sellers will be able to use outside shipping and fulfillment services. They will no longer be required to personally ship all of their items.

3. Use manufacturers. Etsy sellers will be allowed to use outside manufacturers to produce the designs they create. They must submit an application to the Etsy team to make sure the manufacturer meets Etsy's ethical guidelines.

Read more: www.entrepreneur.com/article/228682#ixzz2gnCQPxDU

Personally, I have mixed feelings. I like that we could sell photography and have it printed and drop shopped from another company, which was illegal before. I am afraid that we will get buried in Etsy by the big guys and be forced to drive more of our own traffic. I am really working on putting handmade, handcrafted, and made in the USA in my shop and on Facebook. I have heard stories of sellers getting too big for Etsy when they made so many sales and needed employees. This would be nice to be able to stay on Etsy for really big shops. It will make it harder to be seen here for the small shops. I don't want to have to drop my prices to be seen.

Posted at 11:10pm Oct 5, 2013 EDT


I, too, have mixed feelings. I like that it would allow growth as your shop grows, but also don't like that the small shops may get buried by the big shops.

Posted at 11:50am Oct 6, 2013 EDT

Yeah, some of it doesn't seem fair. It's like right now, I want to make some soap that look like cupcakes and I know how to do it, but I don't have any capital to buy materials, but someone with a million dollars can now think of the idea to make a soap that looks like a cupcake and have no idea or experience in how to do it, but they can pick a color and scent, hire a factory in China and pay employees 2 dollars a day to manufacture a gazillion of them, and then come on here on Etsy and legitimately sell them, saying they "designed" the product and the factory is a collective.

I really hope any company that big will think Etsy is just too small potatoes to have a presence.

The categories I see as really being clogged big time with these changes are going to be clothing and purses and accessories. It's going to be nothing but factory sewn garments from factory collectives.

Posted at 12:42pm Oct 6, 2013 EDT

I'm not sure what to think about it yet. I'm going to ride it out and see, but also will keep my work displayed at other venues in case this falls through.

Posted at 11:06am Oct 7, 2013 EDT

My ideas on this is like Lisa's. I'm uncertain how I feel and will just wait and see, and as I build more inventory I'll check out other venues in addition to Etsy. I can understand why Etsy wants to make these changes, it should be more profitable for them -- as well as help those who want to rely totally on their business for income, maybe.

Posted at 6:21pm Oct 7, 2013 EDT

It might even draw more interest to Etsy from the public. What do you think?

Posted at 6:22pm Oct 7, 2013 EDT

I used to sell my handmade items on Ebay before Etsy, along with all the manufactured stuff, and I still got sales. I would have stayed if the fees didn't get too much. I'm not really that scared of the change.

Posted at 8:29pm Oct 7, 2013 EDT