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Etsy Texas Crafters is a moderated team with the following requirements:

We currently have1000+ ETC team members, and we are always more than happy to welcome in more Texan (or Texan-at-Heart) sellers and buyers who are interested in helping to spread Etsy love! You can join our team by simply completing and submitting the application below. We are an open team (ie, not juried), and we do not charge dues or have participation requirements in order to maintain membership. We are simply a big group of friendly folks dedicated to promoting Etsy, our team, our team members, and ourselves.

If we are open, why are we set to "Moderated" and require members to be approved? Because that is the only way to know when someone new is joining us. The application is just a "technicality" -- we approve everyone who asks to join us! If you have questions regarding membership to this team or your request for membership, please contact the team leader, Michelle of

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Original Post

This post has been removed.

Posted at 8:41 pm Jan 3, 2011 EST


PLEASE post all links to treasuries HERE, rather than starting new threads, as our discussion board has quickly become quite cluttered. We do not have a way yet to delete threads, only posts within threads (as you probably noted from the above deleted post) and to lock threads. I will be locking all threads that post links to treasuries and re-directing folks to this thread.

Milly / Thistlecraft
ETC Team Leader

Posted at 8:51 pm Jan 3, 2011 EST

emineegoods says:
Here is my newest treasury featuring awesome picks from Texas sellers including some of our team members!

Posted at 8:54 pm Jan 3, 2011 EST

emineegoods says:
Here is another treasury i made today!

Posted at 8:55 pm Jan 3, 2011 EST

emineegoods says:
A new treasury with enough time to order for valentines day!

Posted at 8:55 pm Jan 3, 2011 EST

SpunkyDiva says:
Hey ya'll!

Got a fun Valentine's treasury up:

Posted at 8:57 pm Jan 3, 2011 EST

emineegoods says:
Hi! I'm a new member and here is one of my latest treasuries!

Posted at 9:02 pm Jan 3, 2011 EST

TheGlassDiva says:
I made a new Treasury. It's made from all Texas Etsy shops! Please take a look!

Posted at 9:04 pm Jan 3, 2011 EST

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