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Who can join?

Amys in the Arts is a moderated team with the following requirements:

★ If you're an Amy or Amie or Aimee... well, you get the idea.... then you are welcome to apply for the team! ★

We have a few simple rules that we hope everyone will be able to adhere to and which will make the team experience more enjoyable! Please make sure you read the rules before you apply and are sure they are something you can adhere to!

♥ Obviously you must be an Amy. :) Any spelling, first or middle name!

♥ You must have an active shop here on Etsy. (Vacation mode aside, obviously.) You must be actively listing items in your shop, actively replying to convos and actively involved in the team forum.

♥ You must introduce yourself in the 'New Amys' thread within the first 24 hours that you are part of the team.

♥ You must post in at least 2 threads a month here in the team forums. This can be anything from joining in with our daily chit chat thread or participating in cross promoting threads. It doesn't have to be extensively or daily or even weekly, just a couple threads a month and you are golden!

♥ Please be respectful and kind to your fellow Amys. Remember that all Etsy's policies apply here and you will be required to follow them.

♥ Please do not start any new threads. If you have an idea for a thread, please convo a team leader and we will consider you idea.

♥ We'd like your email. We send out one or two team emails a month that keeps you in the know about Amy stuff. Please include your email in your application.

♥ Rules are subject to change at anytime. And we have the right to refuse or eject any Amy.

♥ Have fun with your fellow Amys!

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