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Original Post

I'm curious if any AWL people are doing leather hats these days, and how well are they selling? My Shop has been at a standstill since mid-November.

Posted at 3:15pm Dec 15, 2010 EST



Hopefully someone will chime in soon! But in general, this holiday season has been quite a bit slower than normal in my opinion. I remember being wayyyyy busier last year, and this year should have been equally busy if not more... but no such luck. Sorry to hear things are slow for you.:(

Posted at 12:11pm Dec 17, 2010 EST

witchworks says

No hats here, but October was really good most of my items, so I was stocking up on supplies, but things just died in Nov., and not just on Etsy. My wholesale and retail dropped off too.

Posted at 10:36pm Dec 20, 2010 EST

There is a glimmer of hope for me after the New Year at least! Got some potential custom work lined up.

Posted at 3:05am Dec 21, 2010 EST

Oh, and Happy Solstice Eclipse Day everyone!

Posted at 3:07am Dec 21, 2010 EST

witchworks says

Recently got in to a local artists co-op so I have high hope for the new year as well. Best of luck to you and everyone else too! Happy Yule!

Posted at 4:31pm Dec 23, 2010 EST

TomBanwell says

My December has been fine. I've sold very few hats however. Lots of masks and plague doctor masks.

Posted at 10:21pm Dec 23, 2010 EST

Your plague masks are awesome, Tom! I want to make a new full-hood one soon myself!

Posted at 3:09pm Dec 27, 2010 EST

elkFish says

I actually make leather top hats, but I haven't posted any yet. I'm new to Etsy so I'm trying just trying to figure things out at this point. Anyone else making top hats from leather?

Posted at 10:59pm Jan 3, 2011 EST

I specialize more in aviator hats and Mongol-style pointy hats with fur or leather brims. Good luck on your Toppers, Elk!

Posted at 3:33am Jan 6, 2011 EST

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