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Original Post

I want to make an item that is smaller/more affordable that doesn't take a ton of time to make. Does anyone have experience at craft fairs and what's popular?

Posted at 9:37am Jul 31, 2011 EDT


nicaeli says

I do a few fairs in my area and I always seem to do well selling bookmarks, coin pouches, and bill fold wallets. Hope that helps:)

Posted at 10:46pm Jul 31, 2011 EDT

Thank you Nicaleli :)

Posted at 12:17am Aug 1, 2011 EDT

brigit says

My best sellers are braided wristbands in bright colors. Every kid from six to sixteen want one and the price point is affordable. I display them on a big rack which is very eyecatching.

Posted at 10:23am Aug 1, 2011 EDT

I do headbands and stick barrettes. Guys seem to like my wallets, but when they see the pricetag, they put them down and back away slowly. Women seem to be more willing to purchase than men, so most of my impulse things are made with that in mind.

Posted at 9:48pm Aug 1, 2011 EDT

Thanks Brigit. I haven't really done wristbands before.I will have to take a look.
I know what you mean about the wallet prices DrygulchLeatherworks! I get that with my satchels too.

Posted at 1:00am Aug 2, 2011 EDT

I sell hand forged thieve's black oiled thieve's tools and their kits. The tools run a few dollars and the leather pouches for them are from 10 to 30 dollars. It seems to do very well among the renfaire/larp crowds.

Otherwise, mystery knot bracelets are definitely the way to go. Easy to make - probably just use your scrap! - and at a cheap price.

Posted at 9:46pm Aug 2, 2011 EDT

I've just been doing shows for the past 6 months or so. I think your little phone/camera holders will do well. I find I do well with my wallets, cuffs, and pocket wallets - which I make out of scrap leather usually in bright colors. But I find the opposite if my shoppers, men are more likely to pick something up, like it, and purchase it. No having to think about it like the ladies do - women tend to pick it up, try it on, and come back later once they've thought about it. So I always try to have lots of stuff for the fellas to look at.

Posted at 10:27am Aug 3, 2011 EDT

Thanks Red and Keri that is really helpful information. :)

Posted at 9:16pm Aug 3, 2011 EDT

At festivals (I don't do many craft fairs) I sell mostly cuff bracelets of all shapes and colors. I have some even smaller ticket items (key chains and the like) but for some reason they don't sell as well as the bracelets.

Posted at 10:47pm Aug 3, 2011 EDT

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