AWEteam Your Favorite Item from Shop Above!!

Who can join?

AWEteam is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Anyone selling on can participate in the First Friday Art Walk on by using the tag: FirstFridayArtWalk on any currently listed item in your shop.

If you want to further be part of this monthly event, promote your items, promote other artists on this team, and the First Friday Art Walk Weekend event itself, please join our team. We would love to have you!

If you decide to join:
1. Introduce yourself and add your social media, if any, to our Welcome 2013 thread.

2. Add our team tag AWETeam to a few of your favorite, trending, seasonally appropriate, etc items.

3. Add a few of those items in the special listings threads for colors, themes, etc.

4. Add up to 4 items per month to the official, monthly "First Friday Art Walk Event Thread". It is up to you if you want to run a promotion or just show off your new work.

5. Feel out the team, help promote, ask questions, jump on in.

A Few "House Keeping" Things for this team:
1. Please put any shop promotions not related to the First Friday Art Walk Event, Introductions, Events you are in, etc into the current monthly chat thread.

2. Please do not start a new thread without sending the captain a message and wait for a reply. The chat may be the appropriate place for your topic.

3. Please be aware of your listing habits. We want to avoid the threads seeming spammy with one shop listing every item from their shop. List a few of your best, and most relevant to that thread, and people that are interested will click through to see your entire shop.

Let's make this a fun and relaxed promotional team with a goal to show off and promote new work with a monthly deadline. And of course - you will meet some amazing creative people that you may become friends with for life.

Welcome to our Art Walk Etsy Team!
We hope you will join us...
Artist of Marsha Neal Studio and current Captain of the AWETeam.

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Original Post

Let's try this out ....for fun!

Posted at 3:52pm Dec 6, 2011 EST