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Original Post

Is anyone planning on making a large amount of items for this holiday? Does Valentine's Day produce more sales for your shop? What do you have?

Posted at 7:00pm Jan 10, 2012 EST


I have hearts I make all the time so I don't usually think of it as Valentine's Day but I guess all the hearts would apply b/c of shape, right?

anyway, I have these:

Posted at 7:05pm Jan 10, 2012 EST

I like those hearts Raegan...very vintage. I'm debuting loads of new items in my shop the first week of February, I should probably make a few Valentine's themed items while I'm cranking them out...I rarely make anything seasonal, I should probably start!

Posted at 4:51pm Jan 18, 2012 EST

I really didn't make it to be seasonal but it fits!

Posted at 11:21am Jan 19, 2012 EST

I plan on making more Aura Boards to help show the diversity of beauty found within us all. Here's one that focuses on the three light rays of Love!

Posted at 11:31am Jan 19, 2012 EST

This Valentine's a keeper.
Free shipping with code: DREAMERS

Posted at 7:38am Jan 25, 2012 EST

I have lots of "heart" items in my shop. I moved them to my front page for all those romantics out there....check it out:

Posted at 12:21am Jan 27, 2012 EST