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Who can join?

Busy Moms of Etsy is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Requirements for joining this team:

1. You are a mom.
2. You have an active Etsy shop with listed items.

PLEASE do not start new threads. If there is an idea/suggestion that you have, send a convo to the team captain.

Participation in team threads is highly appreciated and valued. We are a big team with lots of members. If we all work together, we can all benefit from this team in a huge way!

Additional Assets Preferred (not required, but extremely helpful for promoting Busy Moms members):
* Twitter
* Facebook
* Pinterest

To optimize our networking and promotional efforts, please also follow the Busy Moms of Etsy on these social sites (if applicable):

Our team accounts will follow you back if you provide us your links!!!

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Original Post

***Note to Busy Moms:

Please check with a team leader before creating a new thread. Please be sure that we do not have a thread for that topic already.

New threads asking questions or advice, or social links will be reposted in the appropriate threads. Promotional threads that are created and promos posted in the wrong areas will be treated as spam and will be deleted.

We have a Chat thread (Hang out & Chat) that can be used for "Venting" and receive support from our other team members on personal issues. We encourage team members to use this thread for personal topics since it has been made private so the public cannot view it.

Here is a list of topics for this month:

Welcome to New Members (introductions):

Social Linkies (for facebook, twitter, blogs, etc):

Hang Out & Chat (Private Thread)

Helpful Links / Resources:

July Questions/Answers

July New Items:

July - Shop Promotions - Sales, Coupons, Giveaways & all other promos:

July Treasuries:

July Favorite an item from the shop above you:

July Favorite the shop above you

July Circle Friends

July Team Pinterest & Tumblr Listings:

July Shop Critique

July Blog Hop

July List your low view items

Share Your Success Stories:

Help with Team Treasuries

Posted at 12:30am Jul 1, 2012 EDT


A few new threads popping up lately, please post in the active threads. Thank you

Posted at 12:00pm Jul 5, 2012 EDT

friendly reminder, thank you

Posted at 9:52pm Jul 11, 2012 EDT