Dachshund Team July 2012: Self Pawmotion, daily chat, team main thread

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People who have dachshund related items on sale on etsy, who are owned by a dachshund (or doxie mix), love the breed to the point of obsession, family friendly shops (no nude humans or extreme mature content items), and anyone who is eager to give support to fellow wiener dog lovers.

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Original Post

Anything goes in this thread from pawmoting to daily conversations with team members. We love to hear about anything wiener dog related.

Our team blog is here:
(Updates may be irregular for awhile due to dealing with my Grandma's medical/health issues.)

Have a great month all you humans and critters out there.

Posted at 1:30pm Jul 1, 2012 EDT


Jen & Gigi from ylbb says

I forgot it's July!

Hiiiiiiiiiiii everyone. I hope you are doing well!

Here are some recent pics of Gigi. :D

Posted at 10:52am Jul 2, 2012 EDT

Ylbb, Gigi is such a star for the camera. heehee. Pretty diva girl.

Here is my newest painting.


Posted at 6:42pm Jul 2, 2012 EDT

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Posted at 7:17am Jul 3, 2012 EDT

Jen & Gigi from ylbb says

How is Laughing-Rose-Donna doing? LOL. Do you like your new name I gave you? heehee...

Posted at 11:18am Jul 3, 2012 EDT

Yappy Fourth tomorrow to the doxie peeps and pups out there.

Newbie from us:


Posted at 10:54pm Jul 3, 2012 EDT