ETSY PROMO LOVE Show all your New Spring treasuries!

Who can join?

ETSY PROMO LOVE has the following requirements:

Follow the main discuss posts and add your items in the right place .. keep everything clear for our visitors to find those items who they want ... this is the best tactic for Success!!!!

Have fun and remember the rules

also read and this promotion :
Facebook promotion and share :
The idea is very simple:
post here and on facebook your item and after this another one from another shop.
Share and play the game.
Make treasuries with almost 50% of EPL members.
Add the tags 'epl' or 'etsypromolove' in your item pages
Every EPL promotion by the members are welcome

Pls follow the rules and everything good coming !!!!!!


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Original Post


I've been treasured...please open, click & share! <3
My Blue Grape Necklace has been featured...
My Rose Bracelet featured!!! Great Treasury! <3 <3

Posted at 1:45pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

Which came first....? Spring Wedding Bird Hair Pins, Jelly Belly Enamel Swallow Red Yellow Flower Floral Branches, Shiny Happy People

Thats's Old and New Again for Mom, 123team
Romantic Artisan Jewelry Bird Bracelet, Celluloid, Acorn, Enamel Buckle, Pearl, Gold Lisner Ros

My mom wants you to buy these....
Three pieces featured in this treasury!!! ~ CrazyAdsTeam
For Mom, Czech Purple-Amethyst Earrings, Assymetrical Teardrop Dangles, Artisan Jewelry
For Her, Romantic Springtime Earrings, Bohemian Ruby-Red Czech Brass Filigree w/Pearls, Vintage Repurposed
Mother' Day Spring Celluloid Bird Necklace, 1930-1940 Romantic Repurposed Beauty, OOAK One of a Kind

Posted at 7:49pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

More pieces featured...please open, click & share! <3

What a gorgeous treasury! My blue hair pins are featured!

My sunflower ring has been treasured!

wlv team, vl team

Fabulous pastels! ~ Vintage Repurposed Romantic Spring Flower Bobby-Hair Pins, 1930 1940's Pale Pink Celluloid Plastic Floral AB Aurora Borealis Rhinestone featured, Leaders of Handmade Jewelry, lohj
Spring Celluloid Rose Bobby-Hair Pins, 1940's W West Germany Peach Coral Clear Green Flower Floral,

Spring is in the air, my Vintage Glass Pale Pink Bead Grape Cluster Earrings~ CrazyAdsTeam

Posted at 8:38pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

Four more beautiful treasuries...It's an honor to be featured! <3

He can't refuse any request on his daughter's wedding day.... Vintage Repurposed Red-Ruby-Scarlet Heart Bobby-Hair Pins, AB Aurora Borealis Faceted Beads, Foxes Den, Shiny Happy People, CrazyAdTeam

My coral rose celluloid bracelet!
wlv team, ecochic team

Pollination ~ For Mom, Spring Rose Bracelet-Bangle, Whiting-Etsy Promo Love, epl team ~ Romantic Artisan Jewelry

Bird Bracelet, Celluloid, Acorn, Enamel Buckle, Pearl, Gold Lisner Rose

Posted at 11:12pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

The best day ever ~ My ivory celluloid rose hair pins featured! CrazyAdsTeam, The Wedding Shop

For Her, Romantic Springtime Earrings, Bohemian Ruby-Red Czech Brass Filigree w/Pearls, Vintage Repurposed

May Romantic Floral Bobby-Hair Pins, 1940's Mint Green Celluloid, Cream Flower Rhinestone, Enamel Leaves, Artisan Jewelry ~ BohemianLovers, BohemianLoversTeam
Wedding Bridal Blue Grape Necklace, Czech Dress Fur Clip Cobalt-Sapphire-Blue Vintage Repurposed ~ CrazyAdsTeam

Posted at 2:33am Apr 15, 2012 EDT

Sunday morning love <3 Please open, click and share!
May Flower Floral Bobby-Hair Pins, 1930 1940's Aqua Blue Turquoise Cream Celluloid Flower Rhinestone, Vintage Repurposed ~ Running in circles, CrazyAdsTeam

Vintage Ivory-Cream-Pearl Cha-Cha Bracelet, Expansion Bracelet ~ Magnificent Vintage Moms, Shiny Happy People, Vintage Lovers Team

For Mom, Spring Pastels Eye Glass-Glasses Case, Coro Pink Peach Lilac Lavender 1940's Flower Rhinestone, OOAK One of a Kind ~ Shiny Happy People, CrazyAdsTeam, We Love Vintage Team

Posted at 12:58pm Apr 15, 2012 EDT