FAE Members

Who can join?

FAE is a moderated team with the following requirements:

MEMBERSHIP IS CURRENTLY OPEN. You're welcome to submit your shop at any time, but we only review requests at the beginning of each season.

Initial juried membership and ongoing inclusion in our team is determined by the team leaders. Existing membership may be dissolved at anytime due to unprofessional conduct on the team which might include deliberate ill-will, blatant copying, poor feedback, or otherwise undermining the purpose and spirit of our team.

To join the FAEteam, we require that you have a shop banner, shop announcement and 50% of your stock (minimum of 10 items) be fantasy-related. Any shops not meeting those requirements will be automatically declined.

Our accepted subjects include (but are not limited to) dragons, wizards and witches, unicorns, fairies, elves, pixies, mermaids, trolls, fairy tales, invented creatures, Celtic designs, Medieval items, Renaissance costumes themes, pirates, and Steampunk. Click the "Join this Team" button under our logo on the left of http://www.etsy.com/teams/5932/fae if you think your shop applies, but please note that we only review shops in the beginning of each season.

Please note that once approved, you must abide by our FAE Grimoire – the spellbinding potion to conjure team success.

* Tag at least 3 fantasy items with "FAEteam"

* Invite visitors to browse your fellow members' art by linking http://www.etsy.com/search?q=faeteam in your shop announcement or profile

* Subscribe to email digest on the bottom group of links on the left sidebar at http://www.etsy.com/teams/5932/fae/discuss/ - this allows Etsy to send you one email a day with a summary of what's happening in the FAE forum.

* Promote another member at least once a month, either by curating a team treasury, participating in a promotional swap or randomly sharing an item to your followers. This small task takes an individual less than 10 minutes, but when done by several members, the results are immense.

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