Female Photographers of Etsy Blog posts: June 2012

Who can join?

Female Photographers of Etsy is a moderated team with the following requirements:

To be a member of fPOE:

1. You have to be a female photographer.

2. Shops must be 90% photographic based.
The remaining 10 percent must be art or photography-related. (i.e. not knits, vintage, non-photo jewelry, etc.) If it doesn't look like a photograph, it isn't classified as a photograph and is considered "digital art" (which can fill 10% of your shop.)

3. More than half of your photographic products must be fine art print based (photographic prints, canvas, wood blocks). Does not include "lifestyle products" such as phone cases, calendars, pillows, totes, home decor items, clocks, photo jewelry, note cards, downloads, etc.

4. We require all team members to meet Etsy seller guidelines. This includes abiding by copyright policies, filling out appropriate manufacturer information (including if you are using a lab for printing) and having an About page.
Learn more about manufacturer information here >> https://www.etsy.com/manufacture

4. We encourage team members to follow professional business practices including using a professional printing lab, paying all taxes relevant to their location, etc.

5. You must have a full page of items for sale (at least 24 items).

Any member found to be openly disregarding rules will receive a warning prior to removal from the team.

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Original Post

Claudia Willison from ImagesByCW says
Edited on Jun 6, 2012

It is JUNE - so we'd better have a new thread for our latest blog posts, right?!

These are the ones posted in last months - guess I am guilty *shame*


Claudia Willison from ImagesByCW says
Summer recipe time:

Posted at 1:23 pm Jun 1, 2012 EDT - Report this post

Ashleigh Coyner from BleuOiseau says

Posted at 12:48 am Jun 2, 2012 EDT - Report this post

Kristina Chierici from krystarka says
New page in my blog: ETSY FINDS!

Posted at 12:36 pm Jun 6, 2012 EDT


My first - not quite - wordless Wednesday:


Posted at 12:36 pm Jun 6, 2012 EDT

Did you read about our adventures in Baltimore? Next stop the beautiful Great Falls Park.. read all about it. henatayeb.blogspot.com/2012/06/great-falls-park.html

Posted at 10:10 am Jun 7, 2012 EDT

Today is World Oceans Day. Here is how to make a difference:

And don't miss my video (turn the volume up!)

Posted at 4:22 am Jun 8, 2012 EDT

Today I talk about why I photograph myself and offer some tips on taking your own self portraits.


Posted at 7:25 am Jun 8, 2012 EDT

A free beach June 2012 Calendar Wallpaper for your desktop. Enjoy!

Also, a post about head shots and changing a session location on the fly:

Posted at 9:43 am Jun 8, 2012 EDT

I'm having a lovely time hanging out with some horses every Thursday and got some pretty shots this week!

Posted at 6:52 pm Jun 8, 2012 EDT

Check out these very cool macro bee photographs I snapped!

Posted at 7:44 pm Jun 11, 2012 EDT

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