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Original Post

I saw a few threads already but they were specific to shops or events, so I figured I would start a general one.

I am having a giveaway on my blog: I am trying to decide which print to donate to an auction. Visit my shop and leave a comment on my blog to enter to win a free print :)

Thanks, Cait

Posted at 12:34pm Sep 19, 2011 EDT


Hello all!
Currently, I am running a giveaway ovet at my facebook fan page! You are all welcome to participate! Hurry as it lasts only 3 more days :)))

Thank you! :)

Posted at 5:35am Dec 2, 2011 EST

My friend Aquariann is hosting my give-away on her blog! I have created a very intricately wrapped piece for the prize... Please check it out and enter! =)

Thanks very much!!

Posted at 8:32am Dec 2, 2011 EST

My shop is pretty new, so to try and get things rolling I'm giving a free gift to my first 5 customers. (2 down so far) If you purchase from me you'll get a free greeting card for sure, and then I always throw another extra of some sort in as well (usually a piece of jewelry)

I also have a few items that will get you matching earrings for free when you purchase them, such as this:

Posted at 9:28am Dec 2, 2011 EST

I have FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING until the end of December!!

Posted at 9:59pm Dec 3, 2011 EST

My original acrylic paintings on cradled wood panels, DUST BOWL GLIMPSES, are on sale now through Wednesday, December 7th. I treasure the time I spent making each story come to life on the canvas.

Taking the Mother Road
Worldly Possessions
Fryin' Pone
Ruthie's Red
Faded Clover

Here's a link to my shop's SALE section.

Cheers, Mandy

Posted at 3:15pm Dec 4, 2011 EST

OOPS, I forgot to mention my giveaway....I will giveaway 2 free blockprinted eco ornaments with each purchase of an Original DUST BOWL GLIMPSES painting. Sorry about that VERY important detail. Cheers, Mandy

Posted at 3:34pm Dec 4, 2011 EST

GIVEAWAY! Win a free art print or set of 20 postcards.
Entries close 31st March
Visit my blog for all the info:

good luck everyone!


Posted at 5:33pm Mar 12, 2012 EDT

Two announcements on giveaway in my shop this month::

::::Be our 2500th sale, spend at least $25, win $25 in store credit!::::

$20 giveaway! Please see all details here:
A huge thanks to Laura for the feature! :)))

Posted at 3:03am Mar 13, 2012 EDT

My giveaway starts today:
it will be for

This is the first giveaway I am doing so please stop by and enter to win! Contest ends on April 6th 2012.

Posted at 11:26am Mar 17, 2012 EDT