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Original Post


Who here does international shipping? Do you have any tips? I had my fist international shipping today and I am all over the place! I'm having trouble finding inexpensive shipping options.

If any of you have experience or ideas, feel free to post them here.

Thank you,

Posted at 12:29am Dec 20, 2011 EST


I would like to know more about this too. I typically have been giving "free shipping" in the U.S. and Canada with first class mail. I would like to offer international as well. But I'm not sure how much to charge and I want to make sure it gets there.

Posted at 7:32am Dec 21, 2011 EST

International gets a little tricky. I offer it, but so far, my only policy is that buyer is solely responsible for all additional shipping. Other than that, I don't know what other policies to add. I'm also curious as to how to actually fill out a shipping label for international shipping because I got an international order a few days ago, but it had like 5-6 lines as a shipping address vs what we have here in the united states...

Posted at 2:06pm Dec 21, 2011 EST

Hey guys! Sorry I've been so absent from the forums or I would've answered earlier!

I use USPS, so I'm not sure how others do it with UPS or other shippers. As far as what to charge for shipping, I just toodled around their website's Calculate Shipping page and entered in different weights of my items (which range from 2-10 ounces - but don't forget to add in the weight of your box/packing materials!) and tried it with different major locations (UK, Australia, France, Canada, etc) and modified my shipping profile accordingly.

The international shipping labels that our PO uses are green and white, and we just fill out what the contents are and their value ("knit hat," "$26") and the senders address (that's me) and the recipient's address - then sign and date on both sides of the form (half of it gets stuck to the package) and that's it. Does that make sense?

As far as policies, you just want to communicate that you can't be responsible for customs fees or delay in shipping once the package leaves your possession - a couple years ago, I had a package take 8 weeks to get to Canada and I ended up refunding the buyer entirely and eating the cost of the items before they finally got to her...so I updated my shipping policies accordingly. :)

Hope that helps!

Posted at 3:03pm Dec 23, 2011 EST

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