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Original Post

At some point my blog got changed over to a different format and I can't seem to find a way to get it back to the old way. I am sorry I don't have the correct names to call these things by, But this is a new format that blogger came out with some months ago. I don't even remember changing my blog to it. But I need help to get it changed back to the previous format. I hope someone understands my question here because I need help. Please.

Posted at 1:01am Mar 27, 2012 EDT


Dawn from p1xie says

What blogger do you use?

Posted at 2:32am Mar 28, 2012 EDT

Bethie says

Google and blogger (owned by Google) changed formats. It does take some getting used to, but I find it a bit more user friendly. I am an admin on 3 blogger blogs and try to keep up with the changes.

Posted at 11:48am Mar 28, 2012 EDT

The new Blogger (blogspot) format is one that if you don't make the change yourself to use it, Google will do it automatically on (I think) the 31st of this month.

I have found there are some things in the old format that are a little harder to find in the new, and vice versa.

If you are looking for something specific, a tool or gadget, what is it and maybe we can help find it. If you are just looking to get your dashboard back to the old "blue" looking one, I hate to say that is about to be a thing of the past.

If your page itself has changed in some way, then what it that change and maybe we can suggest ways to get back to your original look.

Posted at 1:01pm Mar 28, 2012 EDT

There is no way to change back to an old Google Blogger format/design if you have gone beyond the Preview or Testing phase.

Posted at 6:26pm Mar 28, 2012 EDT

Dawn from p1xie says
Edited on Mar 29, 2012

If you are using blogger here is a link with instructions:

I believe in April though it is not going to be available

Posted at 12:22am Mar 29, 2012 EDT

I believe Google made this change on my blog (blogger), because I didn't. I would rather work with the gadgets, and I liked how pictures and other items loaded with the other format. I think this new format (sorry I don;t know what to call it) is very difficult to work with. It gives you a template, and a layout choice, and you can make color choices, they stay, but the template layout does not, it always goes back to a full page layout with the only changes possible being how the article titles are displayed. I've tried everything to change it back, I don't think it's possible.
Thanks for all your help.

Posted at 1:59pm Mar 30, 2012 EDT

Dawn from p1xie says

Weird Marilyn, I can change my back and forth. I would go to Google help/bugs and see what is up.

Posted at 12:10am Mar 31, 2012 EDT

Marilyn, It took me a little while to learn the process, but I started with the new format. There is a way to go into the advance design area and make as many changes as you like to your layout and appearance.

if you would like to discuss more you are welcome to email me at

Posted at 9:34am Apr 11, 2012 EDT

Ele from minouette says

Marilyn, if you provide a link to your blog, it would be easier to see what you mean. I think you are upset at changes to how your blog displays, rather than to the control panel. You still should be able to control the design, as sweetydarlin says. Perhaps she can help, or anyone here if you could give a few more specifics (which layout are you attempting to use? and so on).

I'm an author on 5 blogger blogs, and I've found that the new format has been problematic for one of them. I do think blogger hasn't ironed out all the bugs. The 4 blogs I had set up myself all transferred correctly, but the fifth, which someone else set up, is not allowing me to control its appearance entirely. I think there may be some changes which are not interacting well with all settings.

There is also a Help Center for blogger.

Posted at 10:06am Apr 11, 2012 EDT

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