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Original Post

Hello Captain's and Leaders!

I've been thinking a lot about team's finding members that fit the goals for their team. I'd love to hear about what your Team's goals are and how you find members that match them!


Posted at 10:38 am Jun 17, 2012 EDT


The Vintage Etsy Society Street Team will be moving more into a marketing direction. We may have a spin off team as well, the smaller group that would like to reach out to vintage buyers on differing levels... to bring them back to their Shops.
( something i have been milling about in my head for quite some time now...but need to pull together in my spare time ;)
Can't wait to hear what other teams are doing!

Posted at 12:11 pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

Jake Groenhof from FallRiverEditions says
Edited on Jun 17, 2012

The "Photographic Printmakers" team is geared specifically to those photographers on Etsy who do their own printing. The goal for my team is straight forward. To share ideas and knowledge on all aspects of photographic printing from papers to troubleshooting to color management, etc. and to encourage each other.

My "marketing" for new members so far has consisted of posting to the large "Photographers of Etsy" team (with the Captain's blessing, of course). I have also searched other photographer's shops looking for those doing their own printing and invited them. After only three weeks in existence, we have 27 members. I'd like to see that number in the hundreds eventually.

Posted at 7:15 pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

Our goad is to increase exposure and sales for our members through the FP, Etsy Fiinds and Blog exposure. Many of our shops are regularly on the FP and featured in Etsy Finds and the blog. We try to share information on photography, marketing, and relevancy in order to get found and be included in as many treasuries as possible.

Posted at 8:21 pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

Michele from 144Stitches says
Edited on Jun 17, 2012

Our number one goal is to be a place of support for the business end of what we do :-)

Our team is a business team. Our goal is to help each other grow as small businesses both on and off etsy. We are wrapping up an SEO workshop to help each other better optimize our listings and our own websites (some have their own sites) and we often exchange ideas on branding, marketing and business topics. Even the not so fun stuff like accounting, efficiencies and that business side.

We share marketing opportunities and things we learn as we go that may help each other.

We are a small group. Most f our members have known each other on etsy for a while and we have lots of new ones. We do not do a lot of marketing or shopping for new members. If we see someone we think is a good fit in the Halls of Etsy (as it is) then we invite them. Lots of people apply and we see if they fit our criteria.

Posted at 8:36 pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

Mary from SEOWebDesign says
Edited on Jun 17, 2012

The goal of both of my teams, SEO and Relevancy Team and SEO Reviews Team, is to educate and advise Etsy sellers about SEO. Etsy has provided some basic SEO information to Etsy sellers. SEO becomes much more complex for any shop owner who is serious about growing their business on the Internet.

We reinforce SEO basics and constantly give examples and walk members through the various steps in SEO. We also provide a lot more SEO information beyond the basics and work with sellers step by step in hopes that they have a better understanding of SEO and the Internet.

Some members have been with us since the team started and report back on their success now and then.

We ask new members to participate in SEO Reviews by helping on other SEO Reviews. We only give an SEO Review to someone who has helped other sellers on their SEO Review requests. Repeated participation (practice) like this is a great way to learn SEO.

Posted at 10:25 pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

The BayAreaTeam is focused towards supporting local shops.

Posted at 1:42 am Jun 18, 2012 EDT

Wow, i love the focus and diversity in these answers!

Posted at 1:27 pm Jun 18, 2012 EDT

Mitch from jcrabbit says

The Goal of the Etsy Blog Team, is for members to find blogs written by other shop owners, to offer advice on blogging, marketing your Etsy shop through your blog, and a community to share your latest blog posts with others.

Ultimately the goal is to make our team members blogs better, Which hopefully will help them to sell.

Posted at 2:57 pm Jun 18, 2012 EDT

The Daily Dose of Handmade is all about promoting your shop and drawing attention to your craft through treasuries, features, and giveaways! I have been working hard to create a friendly environment to discuss shop questions and provide support and not be a post and run team. We have team games, challenges, and promotion forums.

Posted at 12:48 pm Jun 19, 2012 EDT

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