Captains' Quarters Suggestion: each Team page showcases it's own treasuries

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Original Post

necklush says

It would be awesome if each team page could showcase a treasury of their choice that is curated by it's members. That way people/shoppers can discover the work of the members of the team by stopping by the team page. Like a "front page" for the team.
That would make the teams section a great destination for shoppers.

A rotating cue would be amazing... this way the hard work, and amazingly curated treasuries of so many teams can have an even greater chances of being seen by the buying public.

Thanks for taking my suggestion! ::)

Posted at 12:47am Mar 28, 2011 EDT


I would love that! We are trying to figure out they best destination for shoppers and a feature like this would help greatly!

Posted at 8:39am Mar 28, 2011 EDT

I second that idea! My team makes some kickin treasuries!

Posted at 9:34am Mar 28, 2011 EDT

My Puerto Rico - Etsy Team we make lotssssss of :)

Posted at 10:00am Mar 28, 2011 EDT

MandyBesek says

I would also like this feature

Posted at 6:07pm Mar 28, 2011 EDT

waterwaif says

fantastic idea! signed!

Posted at 11:11pm Mar 28, 2011 EDT


agreed :)

Posted at 1:16am Mar 29, 2011 EDT

lapisbeach says

Fabulous idea!

Posted at 9:50am Mar 29, 2011 EDT

Excellent idea!!

Posted at 11:32am Mar 29, 2011 EDT

MsAnomaly says

Great idea! Our team has been discussing ways to get team treasuries noticed, and having a "FP" on the team home page would be wonderful! :)

Posted at 1:09am Mar 30, 2011 EDT

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