Milliners of Etsy (MOE) Grazia's Hat Factor winner is Announced!

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Original Post


Birds were obviously a big theme...the winners was fabulous!

Posted at 10:14am Apr 26, 2012 EDT

Thanks for the update! I was just wondering how it came out the other day.

Posted at 2:02pm Apr 26, 2012 EDT

The winning hat looks great but shame there is no close up picture of it and some of the runners up photos are kind of hard to see. I think the birds nest one looks interesting but holding a dark hat against dark clothing is hard to see.

Posted at 6:37pm Apr 26, 2012 EDT

What do you think the birds were made of?

Posted at 2:19am Apr 27, 2012 EDT

ooooh! i know jo miller! :o)

we have shared friends on the creative circuit in sheffield and we met at a party...she asked me about where i was studying and after that conversation she started looking into training too! :o)

shes currently studying at kensington and chelsea college under sarah cant....although ive been lead to believe that both the hnc courses there and at leeds where i attend will be stopping! such a tragedy :o(


Posted at 2:21am May 2, 2012 EDT