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Who can join?

Wed Eclectic is a moderated team with the following requirements:

We are a collaboration of offbeat and traditional wedding vendors.

This is a team dedicated to the promotion of its members. We have a popular wedding industry blog, twitter followers and facebook followers.

All team members must be considered a wedding vendor and offer some unique / alternative / offbeat services / items in their shop. Mostly wedding vendors need to have several unique / offbeat items and unique / offbeat vendors need to have a wedding section with several items. Each applicant must have excellent satisfaction ratings. (If you have a new shop (0 sales) on Etsy, but have evidence of sales elsewhere, please include those links in your application.)

Mandatory requirements - reviewed at the end of the year

* Quarterly check-in - reply to the check in thread. Easy to do!

Voluntary, and much appreciated, activity -

* Participating in the team threads
* Submtting a blog post for our team blog (*earn a free ad!*)
* Facebook promotion
* Twitter promotion
* Flickr promotion
* Treasury challenges / Team treasuries
* Team Q&A participation
* Taking a lead in the team on new projects/ideas
* Supporting the team blog by purchasing an affordable ad!
* Contributing towards costs of team print advertisements (if your shop link / business card is featured on/included in it.)

What the team offers-

* An opportunity to network with other wedding vendors that cater to couples wanting a unique celebration.
* Collaborative opportunities, such as photoshoots, bridal fairs,etc.
* Referrals from teammates
* A place where opinions will be requested and valued
* An online presence on the team blog...a link to your shop, an opportunity to blog occasionally throughout the year, a place to announce giveaways, sales, and other big news, and other promotional opportunities....and affordable advertising.

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Original Post

Figured it was about time we started a new one of these! Here's how it works: ANYone in the team can post an "item of the day". The only rules are that it must be from another team member and that there can only be one per day. You might consider letting your featuree know, as well. ;D

Posted at 10:17 am Apr 12, 2012 EDT


Not really sure how I've been missing these GORGEOUS headbands by crankypants, but I totally want one! Aren't the colors just wonderful!?

Posted at 10:18 am Apr 12, 2012 EDT

That is beautiful! :)

Posted at 8:09 am Apr 13, 2012 EDT

So, apparently crankypants isn't on the team anymore... :? Sorry about that! Still gorgeous headbands, though!

Posted at 11:17 am Apr 13, 2012 EDT

And, since I was searching through people yesterday for my treasuries, I was just reminded how much I LOVE these sendoff streamers by one of our team newbies, Christina from Extravagant Exits!

Makes me want to get married all over! ;D

Posted at 11:21 am Apr 13, 2012 EDT

If no one else is going to play, I'll just keep on listing MY favorites... ;D

I want a bunch of these to stick on twinkle lights around my yard this summer!

Posted at 11:26 am Apr 16, 2012 EDT

her stuff makes me so happy.

Posted at 1:38 pm Apr 16, 2012 EDT

Thank you so much everyone!

Posted at 2:59 pm Apr 16, 2012 EDT

It is lovely, but, forgive me, I don't understand what it is. And what's a maiko?

Posted at 2:39 pm Apr 18, 2012 EDT

Unfollow username?

Are you sure you want to stop following this person?