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Original Post

MoiraCoon says

My latest blog entry is about having upcycled an odd trash find into a one-of-a-kind jewelry display for shows (and is probably the most upbeat story about having discovered a headless/limbless torso in a dumpster that you’ll ever read).


I’m also find-able at:

Posted at 6:49 am Aug 7, 2011 EDT


janedean says

I love the way you tea stained the paper pieces. It turned out fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

Posted at 9:01 pm Aug 8, 2011 EDT

Yesterday morning's project was finishing a resource list that I'll be sharing at a panel re: online marketing for artists at WindyCon (www.windycon.org) next month. I posted it in my blog since...well...if I was making the list anyway, I might as well have a bigger audience for it, eh?



Posted at 1:45 pm Oct 30, 2011 EDT

My latest blog post is about repurposing after-Christmas clearance finds into art supplies:



I’m also find-able at:

Posted at 7:55 pm Dec 26, 2011 EST

I really love your repurposing projects Moira!

My last few blog posts were all cookie recipes I made for Christmas :)

so, if you haven't had enough sweets yet, check it out:


Posted at 10:39 pm Dec 26, 2011 EST

Thanks Vicki!

Posted at 7:08 pm Dec 28, 2011 EST

My latest blog post is excited prattling about a gaming convention next month:



I’m also find-able at:

Posted at 3:26 pm Dec 31, 2011 EST


Trying to be better this year!


Posted at 5:29 pm Jan 2, 2012 EST

GoTo from GoTo says

I've recently posted:


Here's hoping I can post more often this year!

Posted at 5:10 pm Jan 4, 2012 EST

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