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Original Post

This has been bugging me for some time now. When I first moved to Ohio, someone suggested to me to teach at the local Craft Center. What I didn't know is that it's run by the Salvation Army. That is not a problem. I do strongly believe in giving back to a community.

But here is my question. They pay $10/hr for a 2 hr class. None of that includes prep time, nor anything else, although yes, there would be reinbursements for material costs. There is no pay to me per student, that goes directly to the Salvation Army, so no matter how popular my class may be, I make the same amount.

I feel so torn on this. On one hand, I love supporting charity, but at the same time, I know my time is better served elsewhere if all I get is $20 for a 2 hr class that would mean me fronting inventory as well as spending an addition 4 hours minimum to put together a decent class curriculum.

What are your thoughts on this? And I am sorry if I'm creating a thread out of line here, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


Posted at 6:51pm Dec 18, 2011 EST


Mel, I think it's admirable that you would do a class for the SA for such little pay. I might do A class, one class, there once a year, but if any other opportunities come along for you to hold a class elsewhere with a better arrangement for your time and effort, I'd certainly do that. I don't think you should be locked in to doing classes just for SA. That's my two cents!

Posted at 11:27pm Dec 18, 2011 EST

Frances Green from waschbear says
Edited on Dec 19, 2011

I agree with Tina. If you did a class once in a while, and maybe looked on it not only as charity, but a little bit as advertising for yourself, too, then you might consider it. It'd probably also look quite good on your CV... depending on how much teaching you have already done so far.

But specially since you are making your living from mosaics (right?) you would need a better return on the time involved for the lessons to become a regular activity. That's what I think anyway. :-)

Posted at 2:17am Dec 19, 2011 EST

What I would worry about is, what if this class had say 20 students? All of the supplies and stuff you would have to shell out. Something like that could break the bank! I think that I would do it with the charity aspect in mind but put a limit as to the number of students that you will consider working with.

Posted at 5:36am Dec 19, 2011 EST

Personally,I think you and the SA would be better served if you taught somewhere else,or made something to sell,and donated some money to them. The whole thing sounds like something you will end up regretting and resenting. I try to avoids both.
Maybe,if they have an annual silent auction,you could donate some lessons for them to auction off,or something like that. For our church's silent auction,I donated a "Mosaics 101 Party" for 6 people. Instead of auctioning,they just signed up and paid $30 per spot. It sold out in just a few minutes. I think that would be good advertising,also.
There's my 2 cents. Hey,if we keep putting in all of these"2 cents",we can forget the whole thing,and just give them all of this money we are throwing in~;)

Posted at 9:55pm Dec 19, 2011 EST

Avoid---not avoids!

Posted at 9:56pm Dec 19, 2011 EST

Thank you guys so much for your insights and thoughts. I think I may do it as a one time or once in a blue moon thing, but I know I can't afford to be giving away too much of my time.

Posted at 7:34am Dec 21, 2011 EST

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