Printsy Any paper recommendations for screenprinting?

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AnniePod says

A few good general printmaking papers are Rives Lightweight and Heaveyweight (which are differenet from BFK which is also very good) and Stonehenge is a very good general purpose paper. Never tried any of these for silkscreening. The only SS paper I have used is Arches 88 but it has been a long time.

Posted at 6:42pm Feb 16, 2011 EST

I use Somerset Satin, White 300gms 56 x 76cm, which is £2.33 in the UK:

Posted at 12:26pm Feb 18, 2011 EST

Reeves BFK is a good high quality paper, or if you go to an art store like blick, they usually have a printmaking papers section.

Posted at 11:52pm Feb 21, 2011 EST

I would suggest Stonehenge. I dont know if someone else already said it. I use it quite a lot and like the smooth texture of it. It works great for screenprinting too.

Posted at 10:46am Feb 23, 2011 EST

We use Fabriano Rosaspina 285gms. Kills any shine when you use water based inks, but that's what we like. We also use it for etching.

Posted at 5:49pm Mar 1, 2011 EST

studio27 says

I have sort of a dopey question....if I wanted to buy equipment to do screenprinting, not t-shirts, but art prints, what kind of money are we talking? Any recommendations on brands?

Posted at 1:34pm Mar 7, 2011 EST

In college we strictly used Rives BFK, and it isn't too expensive.

That is what I use for all of my prints

Posted at 5:13pm Mar 30, 2011 EDT

The set up cost of a home screenprinting studio really depends on how 'home made' you want it to be. We do our screen printing in a professional studio with vacuum beds and a big exposure unit, but there are some really great artists out there doing work from home.

I would definitely say you should get some sort of vacuum set up. There are plans to build simple ones if you hunt around on google. Exposure is a bit of a pain depending on how detailed your work is, but you can do it with really powerful halogens or halides (not amazing results). We got fed up with all the messing about so that's why we moved to a studio. I think it basically goes like this... Spend less money get more problems. $150 an up if you want to make your own bed and exposure set up. $1000 and up if you want to start buying second hand gear. We are in the UK so prices of stuff may vary. Hope this helps a bit. :)

Posted at 6:26pm Mar 30, 2011 EDT

We highly recommend Sicars Graphia paper.
Hahnemühle is really good too, even though we have only used it for drypoints and etchings so far.

Posted at 5:49pm Apr 1, 2011 EDT

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