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Original Post

including mine ; )

check it out
it's so unusual for etsy to feature ART!

let's show up to the party ; )

Posted at 4:10pm Mar 6, 2012 EST


Hey Kelly - thanks for posting. Great story - and loved finding one of my prints in related items as well, needless to say. Hurray for Monoprints!

Posted at 5:43pm Mar 6, 2012 EST

Hey Congrats Karin, that's awesome!

Wow exciting to see a print feature ..
Thanks for posting Kelly :0)

Posted at 5:48pm Mar 6, 2012 EST

Thanks, Elvia - it's cool and such a great technique suggested there.
Mobile Monoprints :) Must try....
Art on the Go, spread the word :)

Posted at 5:56pm Mar 6, 2012 EST

Nice article. congrats Karin and Kelly on the featured prints.

Posted at 8:25pm Mar 6, 2012 EST

"it's so unusual for etsy to feature ART!" - couldn't agree more so this was quite a surprise.

Posted at 4:54am Mar 7, 2012 EST

woot woot

maybe if we can get Viza to document her bubble drawings, they'll pick it up?

How to Tuesday!
art processes!
one can dream, right?

and gongrats Karin ; )

Posted at 7:47am Mar 7, 2012 EST

Thanks Ann-Marie for following this blog with a Printsy treasury:

Such beautiful work ... go Team :)

Posted at 7:49am Mar 7, 2012 EST

Unrelated topic... But I found & love this photo, it is funny... for all the print girls, because we all dress up and look this polished when we print :0)...

Posted at 8:18pm Mar 10, 2012 EST

Ha! Cream colored sweater goes well with all kinds of ink. Thew skirt comes in handy too :D

Posted at 12:27am Mar 11, 2012 EST

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