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Original Post

I used the wrong type of tine by mistake but it turned out really cool.

Posted at 12:54pm Aug 2, 2011 EDT

Highlighted Responses What is this?

Sandra from DiceBagChick says
Highlighted Post

Just a friendly reminder, Please keep items promoted here resin related :)

Posted at 9:44am Jul 1, 2013 EDT


those turned out beautifully Pennee! Here's my latest fave creation - cufflinks using comic book price codes!

Posted at 11:26pm Aug 2, 2011 EDT

been wondering how this would work, and i am very pleased with the outcome...

Posted at 1:52am Aug 4, 2011 EDT

This is a new mold with some grass that I found around here.

Posted at 12:30am Aug 7, 2011 EDT

jyoulry says

I updated this listing with a photo from a client of the bouquet charm in use ;)

since my designs are made to order its usually hard to show them so i finally have one :)

Posted at 4:03pm Aug 12, 2011 EDT

Jyoulry that photo pendant is really nice. Also I love your new avatar!

Posted at 7:46pm Aug 12, 2011 EDT

jyoulry says

Thanks Pennee!

Love the sparkle Froggy!

Posted at 10:49am Aug 16, 2011 EDT