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Who can join?

Whoa Horse Artists Group is a moderated team with the following requirements:

MEMBERSHIP; to The Whoa Horse Artists Group Teams, is by INVITATION only, not by Request.
CRITERIAS; You should be an artist producing your own equestrian work, in any form or mediums, from painting, wool, ceramics, glass to paper as long as its equine image based. Emphasis is based on artists creating their own work, or putting a significant amount of handcrafted creatively into producing their art wares.
PRE JOINING REQUIREMENTS; To be considered for joining initally, by invitation it is required , that you must have at least six separate items or more of the stated 'horse image', orientated items for sale in your Etsy shop.
Related horse objects such as horsehair art, horseshoes, tack, riding, and equine associated emphemera images and similar, being not actual horse images do not qualify, only artworks and wares that carry actual 'horse' images.

MEMBERS; Upon accepting an invitation, and becoming a member; Existing selling Members should endeavour when ever possible to have at least 2 equestrian pieces for sale in their shop which qualify to display the tag, 'Whoa Team' as one of its selling tags.

TAGGING ITEMS: Equestrian art for the purposes of team requirements, joining requests and tagging objects with the 'whoa team' tag, these are all to be classed as follows; The tag..whoa team.., is only to be used on horse, pony or fantasy horse creature images, on members artworks and wares, which actually feature, or are 'an image, or likeness of a horse, or horse fantasy creature'.
Art works/wares featuring, equine 'related only' subjects, such as; horseshoes, horsehair, hats, boots, tack, equipment, should not display the 'whoa team' tag, unless a horse, or portion, or a likeness of the same, is included in that artwork.

MEETING and EVENTS: As a Global team it is unlikely that we will have in person group meetings or private sale events, however upon agreement of group members, we may host Fun activities,Chat, Charity projects, and Group and Blog promotions.

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Original Post

Linda from Artwolf says

New treasury from Kathy April 6thTapestry etsy shop

Horse of a different color

A Whoa Team treasury!


Posted at 5:18am Apr 14, 2012 EDT