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Original Post

The Etsy Angels work together to raise money for different 'local' charities: the Chintimini Wildlife Rehab Center in Corvallis, Oregon; Friendly Kitchen of Concord, NH; Bellwether Harbor Foundation in Michigan, Ouachita River Valley Animal League in Monroe, Louisiana, Anderson House in Prince Edward Island, Canada, etc.

In November we hosted a fun BNR for everyone that wanted to take part. We had 50 sales in a matter of hours! All had a wonderful time!

If you like what you see, and you would like to join a very "close", small Etsy Team, please contact Sewinggranny or Wildlifer78 for more information!


Our Team was formed after the many hours spent together promoting for Dawn’s Boys; an effort that began in late December 2007 after a Jewelry artist who was on both Etsy and Ebay lost her life in an automobile accident. She left behind two little boys. Several "Angels" came together to help. After spending countless hours promoting donations from more people than we could imagine that wanted to help, many friendships were made. We couldn’t imagine it all ending without creating a Team for Dawn’s Angels. ♥ So, every other month, we get together as a Team and pick a new charity to raise funds for....all in Dawn's name and memory.

You can view our complete profile by going to the following link:

You can also visit our Blog for more information about the Team and what we've been up to!

You can find us on FaceBook! "Fan" our page and you'll be the first to know about our latest charity fundraiser or any current sales along with our Friday Gift Guides!
*Search "Etsy Angels Team" to see all of our creations!!*
Thanks for visiting!
♥ SewingGranny and Wildlifer78

Posted at 6:42 pm Dec 1, 2011 EST

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sewinggranny from sewinggranny says
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Sue -


Welcome to the team Sue - hope you enjoy our little family! We look forward to getting to know you!

Posted at 10:26 pm Dec 6, 2011 EST

sewinggranny from sewinggranny says
Highlighted Post Edited on Dec 26, 2011

Etsy Angels Fundraiser for January 2012 :

From Maryann to me:

Wanted to let you know that we have permission to use Joey's Eagles for the Etsy Angels Team fundraiser for January, 2012. Following is the email I received from Nelly Grampp, this morning:




So Joey's Eagles are going to be our first Charity of 2012!!

Posted at 9:11 am Dec 26, 2011 EST


❀ (¯`'•.¸ ❀ (¯`'•. ❀ (¯`'•. ❀• ETSY • ANGELS •❀ .•'´¯) ❀ .•'´¯)❀ ¸.•'´¯) ❀
















Ooh Leela!






Posted at 6:46 pm Dec 1, 2011 EST

Ooh Leela from isabelafelix says

Hi Angels, I am back!

Yesterday was our annual shareholders' meeting and for the past 2 weeks I put in 14+ hrs. every single day (+2.5 hrs. of commute time every day). Just had to get tons of financial statements and charts ready for the main company and 2 offshore subsidiaries. I even managed to lose 3 lbs., and that was really really good :)

The Holidays feel more like Holi"DAZE" to me this year.... Anyone else feel this way?

I have not had much time to do anything else. I am taking 1/2 day off today and hope to get my creative juices flowing again.

Amanda, congrats on your 7th anniversary! 7 years is a long time! I hope we make it this long (we have been married for 5 years). How is Chloe?

Mel, beautiful treasury! I faved it today. I did manage to go to Joanns on Black Friday but did not spend much money. It seems I go every single Sunday, so my sewing room is well stocked. Do you shop online too? How are you and SisseLou feeling?

Peggy, I am sorry to hear about your pneumonia; I hope you are feeling better. I have been coughing for the past week or so too. I am going to the Dr. in case I don't get better by tomorrow.

Sharla, love your new listings. I am sorry to hear about your Grandma. Where in OR do you live? I have nieces and a nephew in Portland and I could ask them if they could watch the babies while you are gone. They are adorable kids (17-19).

Michelle, I am sick of turkey too!!! How is little Jacob?

Hi Kim!

Hi Lisa! Hugs to you and your mom!

Hi Annie!

Maryann, great news! I am so happy that you are doing well! Hugs!

Hi Mona, you have been super extra productive as always!!!

Hugs angels!


Posted at 6:48 pm Dec 1, 2011 EST

Amanda from ChloeBoutique78 says

Hey Angels!

So sorry I've been sooo MIA lately. Just got back from the coast for work last night and have been out on the river doing water monitoring all day. Been running around doing paperwork for the oil spill....and, now I'm printing off last minute things for my 1/2 marathon which I run SATURDAY!!!!

I'm running for the beautiful children of St. Jude. Thank you ALL for your support, encouraging words, and love...and thanks for the wonderful donations you've sent to St. Jude on my behalf. It means a lot!!

Love you all!!!

So sorry I don't have time to catch up right now. I hope you all are doing well, and are having some great holiday sales! I've had a few sales in the last week or so...that's been exciting!

I know some of you have been sick, and have family members and friends who have been sick. I just keep ALL of my Angel Sisters in my thoughts and prayers.

Please don't forget about your Secret Angel Santa responsibilities. If you CANNOT send out a gift, PLEASE contact me. There is nothing more upsetting than doing the work for YOUR secret Angel only to NOT receive anything in return. We've had this happen ONE time in the past and it's not fair.
I'll be sending mine next week. I don't want my Angel getting too antsy!! LOL!!!

Hugs to you all....Will try to stop by sometime this weekend but I'm gonna be very busy. I'm gonna get in a quick jog in the morning before heading to Memphis. Will be back Sunday night!


Posted at 6:49 pm Dec 1, 2011 EST

Hi ladies. I have a new listing. And I bought the domain for Cloud Nine Designz today. So I'll have my own web address and a blog. I am really excited. Hope you are all having a great week.


Posted at 6:49 pm Dec 1, 2011 EST

New Angel Blog.....Gift Guide $15 and under..

Posted at 6:50 pm Dec 1, 2011 EST

Isabela - I think you said it best when you said Holi"DAZE" - that is SO what it feels like...And December has just begun...

Amanda (chloe) - my son is running a "maraFUNrun" this Sunday! It's his first marathon, and he's super excited. He's been a part of the running club at school and earned 3 ribbons so far. Once he finished this marathon, he'll get an award for 26.2 total miles!

Posted at 7:01 pm Dec 1, 2011 EST

Mandee (cloudnine) - Congrats on your domain! I want to get one of those pretty soon. Let us know when it's up and running. Can't wait to see it. =)
Great new listing, too. Will tweet that baby.

Posted at 7:02 pm Dec 1, 2011 EST

I forgot what our team tag is????

Posted at 7:03 pm Dec 1, 2011 EST

Commented on the blog. Great post! =)

Posted at 7:04 pm Dec 1, 2011 EST

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