Etsy ClothDiapers March to August 2012 treasuries Please list here

Who can join?

Etsy ClothDiapers is a moderated team with the following requirements:

We accept new members twice a year: The first week in January and the first week in July.

You must have at least TEN items in your shop that are cloth diapers or cloth diaper related items in order to join the team. These can be: cloth diapers, covers/longies; wipes; wipe solutions; swim diapers; wet bags, etc.

This is an active team. Every member is required to join a committee that works to promote the team and our shops. Each committee has tasks that need to be completed by each member. Example: The blog committee member will be expected to write 1-2 blog posts per month.

We are a group of dedicated small business owners with a passion for cloth diapering ~ You have to love cloth diapers to join!

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Original Post

Here is where you can find links for the ECD treasuries

Posted at 7:57 pm Feb 20, 2012 EST


I just made an ADORABLE little treasury here that features things for mothers and daughters (and also birds, but that was an accident :-P)

Here are some tips for those of you making treasuries, that I saw suggested by Etsy and also have discovered for myself
1) Don't include your shop in a treasury
2) Have a WIDE VARIETY of things.
3) Bright, open, clean lighting in the pictures of things you choose. If a product is good but the photo isn't high quality, don't choose it for your treasury because it won't catch most people's eye
4) Uncluttered photographs
5) I don't see many baby things featured on the front page of Etsy, so remember your adult audience. Try to choose a theme that can incorporate adult products as well.

Okay, those are just my tips. Please share if you have better ideas :-D
Makingallthingsnew (formerly Clothdiapermommy)

Posted at 7:25 am Feb 25, 2012 EST

Becca, also, be sure and fill all the spots. Some may not show but, as item sell the others fill in

Posted at 3:32 pm Feb 27, 2012 EST

Can someone tell me where i am supposed to put up the treasury list today? I am dense!!

Posted at 12:27 pm Mar 3, 2012 EST

sorry guys- got it and it is for tuesday- sorry about that!!!

Posted at 12:29 pm Mar 3, 2012 EST

Sorry- i do have a problem- i cant really make the pics show up- just the URL where people have to click on it. How can I fix this?

Posted at 12:36 pm Mar 3, 2012 EST

Mamajo, are you using the treasury tool? Just click on the link and follow the directions, for the blog I use a 2 column

Posted at 12:18 am Mar 4, 2012 EST

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