The Cottage Style Street Team August Listings

Who can join?

The Cottage Style Street Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Welcome to The Cottage Style Street Team. This is a very kind, sweet and talented group of people that all share a Love for the Cottage Style.

Our NUMBER ONE rule of thumb here is just to be nice and everything else will fall into place.

You Etsy shop should feature at least 50% of "Cottage Style" items or Creations.

You have to have 50% of your Shops items tagged with our official etsy tag: CSSTEAM of course you can have more but at least 50%.

Come into our Forums which are set up for two months at a time. Please post at least once a month and use the buddy system...if you are going to promote your shoppe...please in turn promote one of your friends or a cssteam member. Of course we would love you to post more often and join in our conversations : )

Share ideas, thoughts, etsy articles that you think would benefit the group directly. Post them in the official CSSTEAM thread in the forum.

Create wonderful treasuries that contain Cssteam Members and post them in the forum so everyone can see and go comment and click! This is not required but greatly appreciated.

Participate in at least One Promotional Activity every year. We will be having them every quarter starting in the New Year.

Participate in one of our semi-annual charitable events

Spread the word about Etsy and the Cottage Style

When our blog is complete...come in and link your blog to the teams blog.

Try to spread the love around to your fellow team members by visiting their blog, promoting items from their shoppe and any other way you create!

We know that everyone has a busy schedule and that it is hard to do a lot of things in a team but we would just appreciate if you follow the simple rules...we want to see you once and awhile and know all of our member friends.

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Original Post

Hello August!

Please post all your new / renewed items for August here!

I hope you all participate! We all want to see!

Posted at 12:02am Aug 1, 2012 EDT


Hi Everyone ,
for August I have a New Online Workshop Starts on August 7

Posted at 10:27am Aug 1, 2012 EDT