Creative Glass Guild of Etsy (CGGE) May Team Chat

Who can join?

Creative Glass Guild of Etsy (CGGE) is a moderated team with the following requirements:

While we are an open group we have a few basic requirements:
* Have been on Etsy for more than 6 months
* Have five or more glass items in their shop
* Must be a glass artist working in lampwork, fused, cast, mosaic, sand etched or stained glass
* Have nothing contentious in their Announcement or listings including false claims or copying
* Have positive feedback

We also require you maintain at least 5 glass items in your shop at all times. Please note in your shop announcements when on vacation or you may be removed from the group.

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Sounds lovely Marge! Love the idea of horse back riding!

Posted at 8:58 am May 11, 2012 EDT

No Florence.
But walking with one crutch now.

Good Morning Everyone!

Posted at 11:28 am May 11, 2012 EDT

That's great Nancy! (Tap dancing is overrated anyway.)

; )

Can you walk out to the glass studio yet?

Posted at 12:29 pm May 11, 2012 EDT

Yes Marge. The "Praire Art Festival" in Schaumburg. I am very excited, I did it two years ago and did great. This is a real Art show, more high end items. Hope you can pop out to visit.

Nancy, what happened??? I must have missed this thread somewhere. Hope you get back to your old self really soon.

Posted at 2:10 pm May 11, 2012 EDT

I remember when you talked about that fair Carol, I have never been to it. I always go to St Charles. I will have to try to get there this year - happy sales!

Yes Nancy what happened???? Get well soon.

Posted at 5:22 pm May 11, 2012 EDT

Wishing all the Moms a very Happy Mother's Day - enjoy your weekend!

Posted at 10:03 am May 12, 2012 EDT

I had to get knee replacement in my other leg.

No Florence I can not stand for any period of time yet, nor sit yet.
but I am getting a good bend in it so hopefully soon.
This has been a tough year but I know it is going to get better!

Hi Everyone!!!!!

Posted at 12:35 pm May 12, 2012 EDT

Glad you are on the mend Nancy. Slow and easy! Hope this next year will be much better for you.

Happy Mothers Day to all you ladies.

Posted at 12:45 pm May 12, 2012 EDT

Take it slow, Nancy. You'll be up and about soon : )

Can't wait to see some of your glass painting, Simon. Sounds exciting!!

The television taping went well, or so I was told. Not sure I have the stomach to watch it. The host purchased one of my pieces, though, which was a boost!!

Enjoy your Mother's Day, (everyone who is celebrating), & if you're not a Mother, love the one you admire the most -


Posted at 1:51 pm May 12, 2012 EDT

oo well done bryn!!! dont think i'd like to watch myself either

hello Nancy at least u have a positive attiude! things indeed shall only get better

Posted at 3:11 pm May 12, 2012 EDT

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