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Original Post

Hi everyone!

I am a new member and really hope it's ok to start this thread. I would love to get to know team members through their blogs if they have one.

I thought we could share our latest posts here and *cough* I'll start with mine!

I blog about all things fiber and specifically Knit-a-Square. This is a charity that needs knitted/croched items for the aids orphans of South Africa. This is a cause that I have taken to heart and I would love to have your help in spreading the word!

Thanks and have a great weekend!!

Posted at 3:05 pm Mar 23, 2012 EDT


Hi Laurie,
I'm new here too :). I really enjoyed viewing your blog (love that kascuddle!)
I have a blog that I'm currently taking a break from to fix a few things that went awry there:

Posted at 3:19 pm Mar 23, 2012 EDT

Hi Sabina,

Thanks so much for stopping by! Your blog looks great and I love your products! Such fantastic ideas! I wish I had had them earlier. Menopause is catching up with me ! LOL

Posted at 7:10 pm Mar 23, 2012 EDT

Hi Sabina and Laura,

I enjoyed reading your blogs - thanks for sharing. Here is a link to mine, also.

Posted at 8:57 am Mar 24, 2012 EDT

Here's my blog..
I'm looking forward to reading all your blogs!

Posted at 12:26 pm Mar 24, 2012 EDT

Hi Sabina and Colleen! Thanks for sharing! You both have beautiful blogs!!

Posted at 8:48 am Mar 25, 2012 EDT

I have enjoyed reading all of your blogs. I find it interesting to get a behind the scenes look!

Here is my blog:

Posted at 9:04 am Mar 25, 2012 EDT

Laurie, I am so very excited to know you are now a team member!
A warm welcome to you and all the new members!

Here is my post of today, slightly scary, about the effects of sedentary life but optimistic after all...

Posted at 7:45 am Mar 26, 2012 EDT

I started regrowing celery and bok choy in my kitchen from the stalk bottoms!

Posted at 5:39 pm Mar 29, 2012 EDT

Diane from CraveCute says

Baking and cooking your own meals is eco-friendly! Less packaging, and better quality! While I only do food posts about once a month, it so happens that's what my post is about today. Come visit for a great "Delicious" Cookie recipe! I will be checking out everyone's blogs soon.

Posted at 9:13 am Apr 3, 2012 EDT

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