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Original Post

Let's see what we can say about the photography of the item above.


Again, here is mine. Leave a comment and then add your item.

Posted at 11:11 am Apr 14, 2012 EDT


Composition: I would crop the top on the main picture (mainly to take the painting on the wall out. It seems to distract).
Lighting: Could do with more light. The light's feels flat.
Background: I think a colored wall might make the shawl look more dramatic?
Focus: Could get crisper with more light.
The white balance varies in other pictures of this item. Making it consistent might make enhance customers' browsing pleasure.
However, the simple elegance of this time does stand out as is.

Posted at 5:09 pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

Jennifer Larsen from Snackaby says
Edited on Apr 14, 2012

I love the photos in your shop, this one included. I had to look for a long time to see if I could think of ANYTHING that would improve it.
The only thing I can think of is maybe to add a tiny splash of green, maybe a leaf to compliment the color of the tea.
Beautiful shot, though.

Most of the items in my shop are on a white background, so I'm looking for feedback on this one, which is not...Thanks.

Posted at 8:30 pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

Rachel from 2TrickPony says
Edited on Apr 14, 2012

snackaby is such a cute shop! I love your products and your photography is clear and I can see well what you make, which is great.

on this particular shot I find the shadows distracting, and I wonder if you have tried to get on a level with your products and take a dramatic close up for the first shot if you would invite some clicking. I love the strawberries peeking out of the sack! And then in the next photos you can show more detail pictures, like from straight on.

diffused lighting, like outside on an overcast day can really make your colors pop. the backround looks white to me from here.

Posted at 10:40 pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

Rachel (2 trickPony.) I like the contrast in your image. Very cool, and the silver really stands out against the black background.

Posted at 11:51 pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

Jo love the shots of this product - only the third one close up is not sharp and through this not attractive.

Posted at 6:24 am Apr 15, 2012 EDT

Wonderful angles and details Martina. I always appreciate seeing jewelry on a real model as it is easier to visualize the full effect. Beautiful pendant!!

Posted at 8:34 am Apr 15, 2012 EDT

Your candles are gorgeous Michele!
I would suggest shooting them all from straight on, at eye level, for a consistent shop look. Also, if you could include a photo of your packaging or a mould you used, that adds a little depth to your business. Using all 5 photos is beneficial so that the buyer feels they've truly seen it from all angles.
Keep up the great work!

Here is an item from my shop.

Posted at 9:38 am Apr 15, 2012 EDT

Vera I've been a secret admirer of your shop for a long time. Your photos are always simple enough to really capture the essence of the vintage vibe.

I think you could go one of two ways with this photo -- like your other shoe pictures on page 1 of your shop, you might want to consider showing them on their own as the lead off picture, no books or other elevation tools -- Or -- cover the books with something brighter like a blue pillowcase/sheet or similar so the shoes really stand out & grab your eye. Some of the details can get lost when the background fades into a light grey (with black shoes especialy). Good luck!

Here's mine...

Posted at 11:28 am Apr 15, 2012 EDT

Morgen from kootsac says

Hi Jenn,
I really enjoy the concept of this photo with the books in the background. However I find the background, because of the colour, jumps forward a bit too much and captures my eye. Also, the background is maybe a bit too busy. I would also consider moving more of the book into the foreground. perhaps a different angle.
So, I would suggest toning down and simplifying the background and showing more of your book in the foreground. I hope this helps:)

Here is one of mine:

Posted at 12:47 pm Apr 15, 2012 EDT

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