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Thank you Tricia just changed my title and tags!:)

Posted at 11:38am Apr 23, 2012 EDT

Firstly I had no idea what an 'eyeglass leash' was!
But I assume its like a cord for your glasses!
So I tried to think if I wanted one what I would most likely search under, and that was 'chain for glasses'. or 'cord for spectacles'.
'cord for spectacles' only bought up 3 items!
'chain for glasses' bought up 775, and yours was not there (in first 3 pages)
I then tried 'eye glass leash' which bought up 107 items, but weirdly yours was NOT THERE AT ALL!
So I tried 'Eyeglass leash' (without a space in between eye and glass, and 715 items came up, but yours was not in the first 4 pages..
Maybe its a language thing (I'm from UK) but I've never heard of an eyeglass leash, and it wouldnt be something I'd personally search under.
Hope this helps. :-)

Posted at 7:15am Apr 25, 2012 EDT

I have just tried 'beaded eyeglass chain', that bought up a lot more items:
Yours was not in 1st 4 pages..

Posted at 7:20am Apr 25, 2012 EDT

...and 'upcycled eyeglass chain', 27 items, your not there!
Finally... 'upcycled eyeglass leash', only 15 items, and you are there!!

Posted at 7:24am Apr 25, 2012 EDT

hi tricia. i searched for "duck glasses chain" and nothing came up. so then i tried "upcycled glasses chain". yours didn't show up in this list.

the tags from the first item in the list were: Jewelry Necklace, Wire Wrapped, Eyeglass Necklace, Eyeglass Chain, Crokie Eyeglasses, Glasses Wire, Wrapped Silver, Pearl and Pink, Pearl Pink Beads, Upcycled Pearls, Wire Wrap Necklace.

here's mine...

Posted at 8:38am Apr 25, 2012 EDT

Wow, that was a lot of searching! Here are my findings:

Karen- I don't see your item anymore, have you sold it?

It's kinda hard to find your shop, I noticed you had the word "ring" and Bracelet" together, Seemed a bit confusing to me. Have you tried these words:
recycled tin can bracelet
recycled soda can tabs
upcycled soda tabs bracelet

Holly- I found you on the second page with this: wood sculpture recycled

Melissa- I found you in the thrid page under this: baby towel.

Raku... It's inda hard to find you too. I searched for this under vintage: Do you update daily?

The Wooden Bee- I searched under supplies and saw two of your impressions under "corks" but not on regular listings. I saw it on the first two pages and was skeptical to keep looking for you because I didn't want to minimize your impression numbers... :)

Linda- I'm not sure what's going on but I couldn't find you item under: fabric totes. Did you list it recently?

Rain- Same thing as with Linda, I looked for baby quilts but couldn't find your shop's items.

Gloria- couldn't find you- Have you tried: home decor art?

Fia- I look at "African Earrings" Have you updated recently?

Tricia- I didn't find that particular item. And I couldn't find your shop under "eyeglass holder" but it may be because you carry only five, maybe listing more of the m will help?

Lynn- This was interesting. I didn't find you in this "recycled fabric denim headband" but there where only a few items listed there. Maybe you should consider adding denim as a tag if you haven't yet (that is denim right?)

Posted at 9:44am Apr 25, 2012 EDT

Monica: I think you should have 'paper roses' or ''paper flowers' in your title. What about those word combinations in your tags too?
How about "fridge magnets"?

I'm too tired to play tonight. I hope someone contimnues with PAPERandPLARN 's item

Posted at 8:22pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

Eva from GeekeryDOO says

I am a brand new member of the team. This is a fantastic thread. Very helpful.

Hi Monica,

First I searched for: paper flower magnet
You are not found.
The first item title: Paper Flower Magnets
Tags: Paper Goods Paper Flower magnets magnets magnet flower magnet paper flower paper craft flower magnets decorative magnets note magnets board magnets office magnet decorative flower accessory magnet

Second search: recycled book flower magnets
Only one item came up, not you.

Another search: recycled book magnets
You are not there.

Another search: recycled paper flower magnets
Only 100 items came up. You are not there at all
The first item title: Paper Flower Magnets set of 6 colorful Blue, Yellow, Green made of Recycled Magazine Pages
Tags: Housewares Magnet Flower Housewares Magnets Flowers Paper Flower Magnet Recycled Magazine Blue Magnet Green Magnet Yellow Magnet simply claudia flower magnet paper magnets colorful magnets Locker magnets

My item:

I have a vacation announcement in my shop right now in my descriptions. I will be leaving for Europe on Tuesday. This might effect the search results, because they look at descriptions too, not just titles and tags.

Thank you for your time:)

Posted at 1:50pm Apr 29, 2012 EDT