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Original Post

Every month there is an opportunity for EFA's members to submit one of their product listings to be featured on the Challenge Blog. Each month has a specific theme which the listing must reflect in some way.

April's theme is “The Green Earth”...
"pay homage to our planet by depicting a landscape, something green or eco-friendly!"

Be sure to tag your listings "teamefagreen" without the quotation marks.

Then simply submit your entry; here’s how:

If you are an EFA member & would like to submit an entry, please convo our Challenge Volunteer, Jess of jessicalynneart (www.etsy.com/shop/jessicalynneart?ref=pr_shop_more), with the following information:

1. PROViDE the link to an item in your shop that fits the theme or has been created for the theme.
2. EXPLAiN how you think the item fits the monthly Challenge theme
3. TELL US a bit about your work/donations/volunteer work with animals or animal charities
4. TiTLE your convo with the name of the MONTH and the word CHALLENGE, for example: APRIL CHALLENGE.
One more important step:
5. TAG your Etsy listing with the monthly Challenge theme tag and be sure to ALSO keep your regular team tag in place, either 'team efa' or 'team efa cotm'.

The first sixteen entries received will automatically be entered into EFA’s monthly challenge competition.

Once these 16 entries have posted on the Challenge blog and a Treasury has been created... a Voter will be placed on the Challenge blog for a period of 7 days (or thru the last day of that month if time period is shorter) where one vote per blog visitor will be accepted and the entry with the most votes will WiN ! woohoo...

This is a new & exciting incentive to participate in EFA's Monthly Challenge as the winner will receive a free one-month advertising slot (etsy mini 1x1) on either EFA's website or Challenge Blog the following month ! Winner gets to pick location... either on EFA's Sponsor page or in the left hand column of the Challenge Blog :)

Please note: EFA's Monthly Challenge Competition will only take place if 16 entries are received! Should we receive an additional 16 entries after the first group of sixteen, EFA's Challenge Team will gladly consider running a second competition simultaneously.

The challenge team consists of…
Heather of thebluewindmill as challenge leader and Jess of jessicalynneart who promotes them on Blogger for us.

Comments ? Suggestions ? Please feel free to contact Nicole of brizel4TheAnimals who serves as EFA's Secretary & Blog Mistress!

Posted at 1:14pm Mar 31, 2012 EDT


Nicole from brizel4TheAnimals says
Edited on Apr 1, 2012

NOTE TO HEATHER... That's the old version above... please use the updated version next month !!!! THANKS :)


Its April 1st and we have our first Monthly Challenge entry...

... by brizel4TheAnimals featuring her Green Earth themed article.. check it out: efaartistshelpinganimals.blogspot.com/2012/04/honey-bee-in-flight-s...

Posted at 2:14am Apr 1, 2012 EDT

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