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Original Post

AUG EFA SHOPS... Promote your: Listings / Treasuries / Sales

WELCOME !!! This is -the- place to promote EFA shops and EFA TAGGED LISTINGS... products that benefit animal charities once sold.




* your shop SALES


* a Treasury that includes one of your EFA tagged products

* a Treasury you made that includes some EFA members

* a blog post which featured your EFA business

You can DiSCUSS & ASK FOR... member feedback on anything relating to your EFA business... remember this is a Public Forum so if you want to do broach a topic privately- post your concerns on our private Teams Chat Thread.

Your EFA TAGGED PRODUCTS will be promoted on EFA's social media channels by our team volunteers... they will be:
* TWEETED by our Twitter Leaders, Patty & Emily;
* POSTED on our Facebook fan page by Corinna, our Fb Leader and
* PINNED by our Pinterest Leaders & co-Leader, Sherry & Hanna.
(if you dont want them pinned: please write 'Do Not Pin' at the top of each relevant product listing)

Please DO NOT... provide links to other marketplaces or anything else that might be considered SPAM.

Let's get some sales happening which benefit animals worldwide !

Posted at 9:05 pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT


Re-newals... silk tapestry art boxes made from upcycled silk sari loom warps and/or vegan banana silk yarns- 10% benefits animal charity- Team EFA's COTM:

Posted at 1:35 pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

The remaining items from last month and, of course, these items have now been pinned :)

Posted at 11:51 pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

Thanks Sherry !

Here is this weeks end: all efa team Treasury:

Posted at 9:15 pm Aug 2, 2012 EDT

An all EFA member treasury for everyone to OOOOO and AHHHH over :)

Posted at 10:38 pm Aug 2, 2012 EDT

Thanks Courtney... thought you'd be too busy to prepare for your trip- appreciate you making the time and the T is very lovely :)

Posted at 12:51 am Aug 3, 2012 EDT

Re-newals... silk tapestry art boxes made from upcycled silk sari loom warps and/or vegan banana silk yarns- 10% benefits animal charity- Team EFA's COTM:

Posted at 12:52 am Aug 3, 2012 EDT

Adorable, Heather! I'm putting your bunny up on Facebook!

Posted at 3:56 pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT

Please visit this lovely T featuring a great many of Team EFA's volunteers:

Come say Hi and Share where you can :)

Posted at 1:34 pm Aug 5, 2012 EDT

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