Etsy For Autism World Autism Awareness Day Treasury thread

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Etsy For Autism is a moderated team with the following requirements:

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Anyone having a seller's shop and a connection to the Autism Spectrum can join our group. Please read below.

Many of us donate portions of our sales to our favorite Autism Awareness organizations. We have links and Resource/Donation lists. We all realize the expenses incurred in a family affected by Autism.


Please do not post personal fundraisers or local area fund raisers here. As a Team we do not request donations from each other for our personal and local endeavors. This team is here to support organizations that benefit Autism for all.

Donating a portion from each of our shop's sales is always individual & anonymous, if desired, and no one is REQUIRED to donate to charities/organizations. We, as Etsy sellers, also love to create Etsy Treasuries to cameo our team members and their arts, and bring attention to Autism Awareness and to promote each other's shop.

We are a moderated group because of the nature of our group and the privacy issues that we discuss in our private forums regarding our families, and the individual needs we face daily.

This is where we can bring our discoveries, problems, and issues; including our successes and achievements regarding our individual situations without the worry of being exploited by outside interference from those that may not understand how our lifestyles have been affected and completely rearranged by our unique situations.

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Original Post

Kareena says

Let's get an Autism themed treasury on front page. Post your treasuries here. Everyone click & comment to improve hotness.
Make sure to tag "autism awareness" and let's get it trending!

Posted at 5:12pm Mar 31, 2012 EDT


Kareena says

I have also created a topic in the forums, asking for a World Autism Awareness Day front page. Visit it and post a comment as well!

Posted at 5:20pm Mar 31, 2012 EDT

Cathy D. says

I created a treasury for today - World Autism Awareness Day. You can see it here:

Posted at 9:05am Apr 2, 2012 EDT
hey everyone my shop is having a sale on the 5th of april... all the proceeds of sales from that day are being donated to an early intervention effort here in calgary where I live and my son goes to school. Id love if you'd share this wherever you can. thanks everyone on my way to make a treasury

Posted at 10:06am Apr 2, 2012 EDT

Great treasuries! I favorited & tweeted them all!

Posted at 10:55am Apr 2, 2012 EDT

Hi - Happy World Autism Day. Please help Alex with his business by taking advantage of FREE engraving on a selection of charms. Thanks, Diana

Posted at 3:01pm Apr 4, 2012 EDT

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